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Trivia Quiz - Strange Celebrity Deaths

These questions are about famous people who died under unusual or strange circumstances.

Quiz Number: 2848
Date Submitted: September 25, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Strange Celebrity Deaths
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1. Isadora Duncan was a famous American dancer who died on September 14, 1927. How did she die?
  A.   She tripped on the street and fell headfirst into a mailbox
  B.   She was hit by a desk that fell out of a third story window.
  C.   Her long scarf was caught in the wheels of her car as she drove away and she was pulled out of the car.
  D.   She had an allergic reaction to makeup she was wearing.

2. Alan Pakula, who directed such films as "All the President's Men" and "Sophie's Choice", died in a bizarre auto accident on November 19, 1998, when what happened?
  A.   He dropped a lit cigarette into his lap and lost control.
  B.   A chunk of concrete fell off an overpass onto his car.
  C.   A piece of pipe went through his windshield and struck him in the head.
  D.   A stun gun he was carrying in his shirt pocket accidentally discharged.

3. Model turned actor Jon-Erik Hexum died in a tragic accident on the set of his TV series, "Cover-Up" as the result of what?
  A.   Shooting himself in the head with a pistol loaded with blanks.
  B.   Electrocution caused by a short in a lighting cable.
  C.   Being struck in the face by a piece of schrapnel from an explosion.
  D.   Being trampled by a horse that ran away from a western being filmed next door.

4. What famous R&B singer of the 50s and 60s was shot dead by a motel manager who claimed that he broke into her office?
  A.   Arthur Conley
  B.   R. B. Greaves
  C.   Sam Cooke
  D.   Jackie Wilson

5. What famous playwright died in 1983 after choking on the cap to a bottle of eyedrops?
  A.   Tennessee Williams
  B.   Arthur Miller
  C.   Truman Capote
  D.   Moss Hart

6. "King of the Cowboys" Tom Mix died in a bizarre accident as the result of what?
  A.   A falling boulder.
  B.   An exploding rifle.
  C.   Being run over by a hospital gurney.
  D.   Being hit in the head with a suitcase.

7. What motion picture star of the 40s and 50s bled to death after falling down, apprently while drunk, and striking his head agaisnst the edge of a night stand?
  A.   Charles Boyer
  B.   Gig Young
  C.   William Holden
  D.   Tyrone Power

8. "My Sister Sam" actress Rebecca Schaeffer's career was just starting to take off when what tragic event took her life?
  A.   She was shot by a deranged fan.
  B.   She was struck by a motorcyclist while crossing the street.
  C.   She had an allergic reaction to shellfish and choked to death.
  D.   Her apartment caught fire while she was asleep.

9. What motion picture actor, one of the stars of 1939's "Gone With the Wind", was killed when his civilian plane was shot down by the German Air Force over the English Channel in 1943?
  A.   Clark Gable
  B.   David O. Selznick
  C.   George Cukor
  D.   Leslie Howard

10. 72 year old playwright/author Jerome Rodale died of a heart attack on whose talk show a few minutes after telling the host that he'd live to be 100?
  A.   Jack Paar
  B.   Dick Cavett
  C.   Johnny Carson
  D.   David Letterman®   

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