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Trivia Quiz - Who Recorded These Albums? Part IV

Each question consists of three albums recorded by the same person or group. You have to figure out the person or group. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 2999
Date Submitted: December 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 80 percent
Times Taken: 19 times
Taken by Registered Users: 8

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Who Recorded These Albums Part IV
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1. "Eat a Peach"; "Idlewild South"; "Win, Lose, or Draw".
  A.   Foghat
  B.   Blue Oyster Cult
  C.   Savoy Brown
  D.   The Allman Brothers Band

2. "Nevermind"; "Bleach"; "From the Banks of the Muddy Wishkah".
  A.   Pearl Jam
  B.   Soul Asylum
  C.   Nirvana
  D.   The Pixies

3. "Seven and the Ragged Tiger"; "Notorious"; "Rio".
  A.   Echo & the Bunnymen
  B.   Duran Duran
  C.   Foreigner
  D.   The Honeydrippers

4. "You Get What You Play For"; "Hi Infidelity"; "You Can Tune a Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish".
  A.   REO Speedwagon
  B.   Mister Mister
  C.   Styx
  D.   Tears for Fears

5. "A White Sport Coat & a Pink Crustacean"; "Living & Dying in 3/4 Time"; "Last Mango in Paris".
  A.   Jimmy Buffett
  B.   Don Henley
  C.   Jackson Browne
  D.   Marty Robbins

6. "Dog & Butterfly"; "Little Queen"; "Bad Animals".
  A.   Fleetwood Mac
  B.   Paul McCartney & Wings
  C.   Heart
  D.   The Eagles

7. "Freedom at Point Zero"; "Red Octopus"; "Nuclear Furniture".
  A.   Styx
  B.   Cheap Trick
  C.   Grateful Dead
  D.   Jefferson Starship

8. "Street Survivors"; "Gimme Back My Bullets"; "Nuthin' Fancy".
  A.   Allman Brothers Band
  B.   Lynyrd Skynyrd
  C.   Marshall Tucker Band
  D.   ZZ Top

9. "Eye of the Zombie"; "Centerfield"; "Blue Moon Swamp".
  A.   John Fogerty
  B.   Waylon Jennings
  C.   Mick Jagger
  D.   Glenn Frey

10. "Eliminator"; "Tres Hombres"; "Fandango".
  A.   The Outlaws
  B.   Elvin Bishop
  C.   ZZ Top
  D.   Great Southern®   

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