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Trivia Quiz - Who Recorded These Albums? Part VIII

Each question consists of three albums recorded by the same person or group. You have to figure out the person or group. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3013
Date Submitted: December 28, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 54.3 percent
Times Taken: 14 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7

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Who Recorded These Albums Part VIII
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1. "Hat Trick"; "Hearts"; "Hideaway".
  A.   Peter, Paul, & Mary
  B.   Asia
  C.   America
  D.   The Kingston Trio

2. "Tropical Campfires"; "Tapioca Tundra"; "Magnetic South".
  A.   Michael Nesmith
  B.   Davy Jones
  C.   Ringo Starr
  D.   Carl Wilson

3. "Like, Long Hair"; "Here They Come"; "Just Like Us".
  A.   The Association
  B.   Paul Revere & The Raiders
  C.   The Classics IV
  D.   Jay & The Americans

4. "My Tennessee Mountain Home"; "The Bargain Store"; "Burlap & Satin".
  A.   Loretta Lynn
  B.   Tammy Wynette
  C.   Dolly Parton
  D.   Patsy Cline

5. "52nd Street"; "Streetlife Serenade"; "The Nylon Curtain".
  A.   Neil Diamond
  B.   Barry Manilow
  C.   Paul Anka
  D.   Billy Joel

6. "Goodnight Vienna"; "Bad Boy"; "Old Wave".
  A.   Ringo Starr
  B.   Bobby Darin
  C.   Frankie Avalon
  D.   Leif Garrett

7. "Spirit in the Dark"; "Let Me In Your Life"; "Sparkle".
  A.   Gladys Knight
  B.   Whitney Houston
  C.   Aretha Franklin
  D.   Diana Ross

8. "Nebraska"; "Lucky Town"; "Devils & Dust".
  A.   Midnight Oil
  B.   L.A. Guns
  C.   Moby
  D.   Bruce Springsteen

9. "French Kiss"; "Three Hearts"; "The Other One".
  A.   Lindsay Buckingham
  B.   Christine McVie
  C.   Stevie Nicks
  D.   Bob Welch

10. "Roll On"; "40 Hour Week"; "Cheap Seats".
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Brooks & Dunn
  C.   Rascal Flatts
  D.   Texas Tornadoes®   

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