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Trivia Quiz - Who Recorded These Albums? Part IX

Each question consists of three albums recorded by the same person or group. You have to figure out the person or group. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3014
Date Submitted: December 28, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 63.8 percent
Times Taken: 16 times
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Who Recorded These Albums Part IX
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1. "Green Thoughts"; "Especially for You"; "Blow Up".
  A.   The Rembrandts
  B.   Stevie Ray Vaughn
  C.   The Smithereens
  D.   The Fabulous Thunderbirds

2. "Heartbeat City"; "Panorama"; "Door to Door".
  A.   Talking Heads
  B.   Guadalcanal Diary
  C.   The Cars
  D.   Roxy Music

3. "Ten"; "No Code"; "Binaural".
  A.   Soul Asylum
  B.   Pearl Jam
  C.   Radiohead
  D.   Collective Soul

4. "Kill 'Em All"; "...And Justice for All"; "Load".
  A.   Metallica
  B.   Motley Crue
  C.   Guns N' Roses
  D.   Queensryche

5. "Sparkle & Fade"; "Slow Motion Daydream"; "Welcome to the Drama Club".
  A.   Everclear
  B.   Red Hot Chili Peppers
  C.   The Tubes
  D.   The Replacements

6. "Boomerang"; "MMMBop"; "Middle of Nowhere".
  A.   The Jonas Brothers
  B.   Hanson
  C.   New Kids on the Block
  D.   The Backstreet Boys

7. "Brothers in Arms"; "Love Over Gold"; "On Every Street".
  A.   Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
  B.   Steve Miller Band
  C.   Supertramp
  D.   Dire Straits

8. "Tryin' to Get the Feeling"' "This One's for You"; "Here Comes the Night".
  A.   Pat Boone
  B.   Donny & Marie Osmond
  C.   Fats Domino
  D.   Barry Manilow

9. "A Song for You"; "A Kind of Hush"; "Ticket to Ride".
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Carpenters
  C.   Dion & The Belmonts
  D.   Herman's Hermits

10. "Graceland"; "Hearts & Bones"; "The Rhythm of the Saints".
  A.   Sting
  B.   Art Garfunkel
  C.   Paul Simon
  D.   Elvis Presley®   

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