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Trivia Quiz - Who Recorded These Albums? Part X

Each question consists of three albums recorded by the same person or group. You have to figure out the person or group. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3015
Date Submitted: December 28, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 64.1 percent
Times Taken: 17 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7

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Who Recorded These Albums Part X
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1. "Private Eyes"; "Big Bam Boom"; "Bigger Than the Both of Us".
  A.   Simon & Garfunkel
  B.   Hall & Oates
  C.   Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson
  D.   Wham!

2. "Zenyatta Mondatta"; "Ghost in the Machine"; "Reggatta de Blanc".
  A.   The Police
  B.   Duran Duran
  C.   Boomtown Rats
  D.   Genesis

3. "Get Happy!"; "Armed Forces"; "This Year's Model".
  A.   Graham Parker
  B.   Joe Jackson
  C.   Elvis Costello
  D.   David Bowie

4. "Deal With This"; "As Nasty as They Wanna Be"; "Banned in the U.S.A.".
  A.   Dr. Dre
  B.   NWA
  C.   2 Live Crew
  D.   Bone, Thugz, & Harmony

5. "Nothin' Matters & What If It Did"; "Human Wheels"; "American Fool".
  A.   Neil Young
  B.   John Cougar Mellencamp
  C.   Bruce Cockburn
  D.   Ry Cooder

6. "Manna"; "The Guitar Man"; "Lost Without Your Love".
  A.   Five Man Electrical Band
  B.   The Guess Who
  C.   Bread
  D.   The Carpenters

7. "Melodies of Love"; "There! I've Said It Again"; "My Elusive Dreams".
  A.   Britney Spears
  B.   Bobby Vinton
  C.   Ike & Tina Turner
  D.   Connie Francis

8. "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables"; "Frankenchrist"; "Bedtime for Democracy".
  A.   The Dead Kennedys
  B.   The Plasmatics
  C.   The Sex Pistols
  D.   Mission of Burma

9. "Beelzebubba"; "Eat Your Paisley"; Metaphysical Graffiti".
  A.   The Butthole Surfers
  B.   The Dead Milkmen
  C.   Public Image LTD
  D.   Chevelle

10. "Houses of the Holy"; "In Through The Out Door"; "Presence".
  A.   Bad Company
  B.   Jethro Tull
  C.   Led Zeppelin
  D.   Marillion®   

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