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Trivia Quiz - John Goodman: A Talented Award-Winning Actor

John Goodman is one of my favorite actors. Here are just a few personal and career questions.

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Date Submitted: June 09, 2009
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Quiz is about: John Goodman

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John Goodman A Talented Award Winning Actor
(Image Source: John Goodman @ Yahoo Images)

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1. Where was John Goodman born?
  A.   Goshen, Indiana
  B.   Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  C.   Affton, Missouri
  D.   Cedar Rapids, Iowa

2. In what sport did John Goodman win an athletic scholarship to attend college?
  A.   basketball
  B.   football
  C.   baseball
  D.   wrestling

3. What was John Goodman's first job?
  A.   dish washer
  B.   construction worker
  C.   bouncer
  D.   singer in a band

4. Who bankrolled John Goodman when he went to New York to become a professional actor?
  A.   his father
  B.   his brother
  C.   his best friend
  D.   he didn't have any financial help

5. John Goodman is best known for his role on "Roseanne", playing what character?
  A.   Don Conway
  B.   Dave Campbell
  C.   Dan Conner
  D.   Dennis Collins

6. In which movie was John Goodman's character named Gale Snoats?
  A.   Raising Arizona
  B.   Barton Fink
  C.   The Big Lebowski
  D.   O Brother, Where Art Thou?

7. John Goodman was the first to voice what character on "Futurama"?
  A.   Philip J. Fry
  B.   Robot Santa
  C.   Hermes Conrad
  D.   Zapp Brannigan

8. John Goodman had to lose weight to play what character?
  A.   Fred Flintstone
  B.   Babe Ruth
  C.   King Ralph
  D.   "Mighty" Mack McTeer

9. What movie was John Goodman filming when he met his wife, Annabeth Hartzog, who he married in October, 1989?
  A.   Barton Fink
  B.   King Ralph
  C.   Everybody's All American
  D.   Raising Arizona

10. What is the name of John Goodman's daughter who was born in August 1990?
  A.   Elizabeth Hope
  B.   Molly Evangeline
  C.   Sarah Grace
  D.   Emily Faith®   

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