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Trivia Quiz - Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 2

Can you identify the parents of these celebrity children with unusual names?

Quiz Number: 3356
Date Submitted: April 07, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 52.5 percent
Times Taken: 48 times
Taken by Registered Users: 9

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Weird Celebrity Baby Names Part 2
(Image Source: Nicole Richie Photo Credit to Unknown Flickr User)

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1. Who is the mother of Zahara?
  A.   Angelina Jolie
  B.   Madonna
  C.   Jessica Alba
  D.   Jennifer Garner

2. Who is Phinnaeus' mother?
  A.   Lisa Kudrow
  B.   Victoria Beckham
  C.   Julia Roberts
  D.   Sandra Bullock

3. This model is the mother of Sailor Lee:
  A.   Heidi Klum
  B.   Elle Macpherson
  C.   Christie Brinkley
  D.   Claudia Schiffer

4. Dandelion has a parent named:
  A.   Frank Zappa
  B.   Chris Martin
  C.   Keith Richards
  D.   Corey Feldman

5. The father of Kal-el is: (not talking about Superman's real name)
  A.   Nicholas Cage
  B.   Gregg Allman
  C.   Donovan
  D.   Jason Lee

6. Chastity was the birth name given to this daughter of:
  A.   Carol Burnett
  B.   Lulu
  C.   David Bowie
  D.   Cher

7. This actress named her daughter Coco Riley:
  A.   Kelly Rutherford
  B.   Courtney Cox
  C.   Tina Fey
  D.   Rachel Griffiths

8. Bronz Mowgli is the child of:
  A.   Nichole Richie
  B.   Gene Simmons
  C.   Bono
  D.   Ashlee Simpson

9. Camera's sports star father:
  A.   Arthur Ashe
  B.   Kobe Bryant
  C.   Ken Griffey Jr.
  D.   Bobby Orr

10. Satchel is the child of this director:
  A.   Quinten Tarantino
  B.   James Cameron
  C.   Kathryn Bigelow
  D.   Spike Lee®   

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