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Trivia Quiz - Traffic School: Road Signs: Part I

Can you identify the traffic and road signs from the description given? We have all the traffic sign facts and road sign facts right here!

Quiz Number: 3543
Date Submitted: November 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Traffic School Road Signs Part I
(Image Source: Stop Sign)

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1. A round yellow sign with an "R" on either side of a black "X"
  A.   No right turn
  B.   Railroad crossing ahead
  C.   No rest or recreation facilities
  D.   No racing on roadway

2. A diamond-shaped yellow sign showing a car with wavy lines behind its tires?
  A.   Curved roadway ahead
  B.   Merging traffic from left
  C.   Slippery when wet, use caution
  D.   Sharp curve, use caution

3. A diamond-shaped orange sign depicting a person using a shovel?
  A.   Road workers in or near the roadway
  B.   Flaggers and road workers ahead
  C.   Ditch ahead, use caution
  D.   Snow on pavement, use caution

4. A square green sign showing a person reading a book?
  A.   General info for a school
  B.   People reading, use caution
  C.   General info sign for a library
  D.   General info for a book store

5. A diamond-shaped yellow sign showing two black arrows pointing in opposite directions?
  A.   Divided roadway begins
  B.   Divided highway ends
  C.   One-way traffic ahead
  D.   Two-way traffic ahead

6. A square-shaped blue sign featuring a large white "H"?
  A.   Highway begins
  B.   General service sign for a hotel
  C.   General service sign for a hospital
  D.   Historical landmark designation

7. A diamond-shaped yellow sign showing a truck on top of a black wedge shaped object?
  A.   Warning sign for hill ahead
  B.   Wedge in roadway, use caution
  C.   No trucks allowed on hill
  D.   Truck ramp ahead, use caution

8. A diamond-shaped yellow sign with featuring a blank red stop sign with a black arrow above it?
  A.   No stopping at arrow
  B.   Warning that a stop sign is ahead
  C.   Wrong way, do not enter
  D.   Stop at arrow, proceed with caution

9. A diamond-shaped yellow sign with a black "T" on it?
  A.   Texting and Twitter zone ahead
  B.   Township borderline
  C.   Parking on either side of roadway
  D.   Intersection warning ahead, roadway ends

10. A diamond-shaped yellow sign featuring a leaping deer?
  A.   Santa's loading zone, sleigh parking only
  B.   Deer crossing ahead
  C.   Wildlife or forest preserve area
  D.   State park designation®   

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