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Trivia Quiz - Mortal Kombat: The Characters

Can you identify these Mortal Kombat characters from the clues given? We've got all the Mortal Kombat trivia and Mortal Kombat facts!

Quiz Number: 3587
Date Submitted: November 23, 2010
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 86.9 percent
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Mortal Kombat The Characters
(Image Source: Mortal Kombat)

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1. Which of these characters is also known as "Wind God"?
  A.   Quan Chi
  B.   Fujin
  C.   Shujinko
  D.   Dark Kahn

2. Which Special Forces major's real name is Jackson Briggs?
  A.   Jax
  B.   Henshi
  C.   Hsu Hao
  D.   Jarek

3. Which character served as Sindel's personal protector?
  A.   Ashrah
  B.   Jade
  C.   Nitara
  D.   Sheeva

4. Which character is a Native American shaman and one of the chosen warriors of Earthrealm?
  A.   Sektor
  B.   Nightwolf
  C.   Meat
  D.   Reiko

5. Which of these characters was once the queen of Edenia?
  A.   Kira
  B.   Sindel
  C.   Li Mei
  D.   Tanya

6. Which character was the leader of a riot control brigade?
  A.   Stryker
  B.   Rain
  C.   Mavado
  D.   Mokap

7. Which blue-garbed assassin brothers could generate and control the powers of ice?
  A.   Molach
  B.   Dairou
  C.   Sub-Zero
  D.   Ice-Twins

8. Which of these characters was a former Elder God who desired to rule Earthrealm?
  A.   Onaga
  B.   Kobra
  C.   Darrius
  D.   Shinnok

9. Which hellspawned revenant was formerly a human ninja named Hanzo Hasashi?
  A.   Scorpion
  B.   Drahmin
  C.   Bo' Rai Cho
  D.   Rain

10. Which Shaolin Monk's soul continues protecting Earthrealm by using his body reanimated by Raiden?
  A.   Taven
  B.   Blaze
  C.   Liu Kang
  D.   Daegon®   

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