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Trivia Quiz - Bonnie and Clyde: They Went Down Together

This is a quiz about some lesser known facts of Bonnie and Clyde.

Quiz Number: 3748
Date Submitted: December 29, 2010
Quiz Categories: Depression-Era Gangsters
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dillinger1958
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Bonnie and Clyde They Went Down Together
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of Bonnie & Clyde)

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1. Bonnie had a tattoo of two hearts high up on her right thigh, what names were in the hearts?
  A.   Bonnie and Buck
  B.   Bonnie and Clyde
  C.   Bonnie and Henry
  D.   Bonnie and Roy

2. Clyde had a unique way of driving a car, What was it?
  A.   He only stole convertibles, for easy shootouts with police.
  B.   He used race car driver gloves.
  C.   He drove in his stocking feet.
  D.   He always drove due north after a job.

3. Raymond Hamilton,(Barow Gang Member), died in the electric chair for a crime since proven he had nothing to do with. What was it?
  A.   The murder of Ted Hinton.
  B.   Robbery of a U.S. mail train
  C.   The murder of grocer John Bucher.
  D.   The kidnapping of business man Edward Bremmer.

4. Bonnie became somewhat famous for a talent she possesed, what was it?
  A.   She could sew a dress from scratch in 2 or less hours.
  B.   She was a gourmet cook.
  C.   She wrote poetry.
  D.   She was a prolific winner at Gin Rummy.

5. Clyde's weapon of choice was?
  A.   Tommy Gun - Thompson Submachine Gun.
  B.   44 Magnum Hangun.
  C.   B-A-R Browning Automatic Rifle. (Which is an Automatic 30-06)
  D.   Sawed-off Shotgun

6. Clyde obtained the majority of his arsenal by what means?
  A.   Crooked gun dealers.
  B.   Paid exorbitant amounts on the black market.
  C.   Robbery of gun shops.
  D.   Robbery of the National Guard Armories.

7. When Bonnie and Clyde wanted to sneak into the Dallas area to see their parents, what signal did they use?
  A.   Drive by and shoot at a designated target on the house.
  B.   Call their parents three days before their visit.
  C.   Call cousins to arrange the meeting time and place.
  D.   Drive by and toss a message in a bottle.

8. What made Clyde slow down and stop at the massacre sight?
  A.   Their car had a blowout.
  B.   The got stuck in the deep, sandy road.
  C.   Dirt in the carburetor caused the car to stall.
  D.   One of their accomplices' father was on the side of the road with a flat tire.

9. According to the posse that killed them, when Bonnie began getting hit by bullets, she....
  A.   Tried to slide down in her seat.
  B.   Tried to escape out of the passenger door.
  C.   Yelled at the posse to stop shooting.
  D.   Screamed like a panther.

10. Emma Parker refused to let Bonnie be buried next to Clyde. What statement did she make that solidified that choice?
  A.   My little girl was a hardworking girl until she met Clyde Barrow
  B.   They're dead now; it doesn't matter.
  C.   She was his in life, she's mine in death
  D.   The cemetery was too far from her house®   

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