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Trivia Quiz - Tracy Chapman (Self-Titled CD) Lyrics

Fill in these song lyrics from Tracy Chapman's self-titled album.

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Date Submitted: January 08, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Tracy Chapman

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Tracy Chapman (Self Titled CD) Lyrics
(Image Source: Tracy Chapman @ Wikipedia)

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1. (Talkin' Bout a Revolution) Wasting Time:
  A.   at those armies of salvation
  B.   in the unemployment lines
  C.   in the welfare lines
  D.   waiting for a promotion

2. (Fast Car)We go cruising to entertain ourselves:
  A.   I know things will get better
  B.   I work in the market as a checkout girl
  C.   I'd always hoped for better
  D.   You still ain't got a job

3. (Behind the Wall) And when they arrive:
  A.   I prayed that I was dreaming
  B.   The policeman said I'm here to keep the peace
  C.   The tears well up in her eyes
  D.   They say they can't interfere with domestic affairs

4. (Baby Can I Hold You) Maybe if I told you:
  A.   I love you
  B.   forgive me
  C.   the right words at the right time
  D.   sorry

5. (Mountains O Things) Sweet, lazy life:
  A.   And mountains o things
  B.   champagne and caviar
  C.   this is the dream
  D.   to have a big expensive car

6. (She's Got Her Ticket) Some folks call her a runaway:
  A.   a failure in the race
  B.   but she knows where her ticket takes her
  C.   no roots to keep her strong
  D.   young girl ain't got no chances

7. (For My Lover) Everybody thinks that:
  A.   I tell them a lie
  B.   I'd climb a mountain
  C.   I'd risk my life
  D.   I'm the fool

8. (If Not Now) Now _________ the only thing that's free.
  A.   feelings are
  B.   love's
  C.   a promise is
  D.   thinking's

9. (For You) I'm no longer the master of:
  A.   intellect and reason
  B.   my emotions
  C.   my heart
  D.   my fate

10. (Fast Car) You and I can:
  A.   both get jobs
  B.   finally see what it means to be living
  C.   make a decision
  D.   move out of the shelter®   

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