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Trivia Quiz - Tracy Chapman: "Crossroads" Album Lyrics

Here's a quiz about lyrics from Tracy Chapman's "Crossroads" album.

Quiz Number: 3776
Date Submitted: January 08, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Tracy Chapman

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Tracy Chapman Crossroads Album Lyrics
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1. (Crossroads) Standing at the point:
  A.   I look to the left, I look to the right
  B.   I'm trying to protect what I keep inside
  C.   the road it cross you down
  D.   which way do you turn

2. (Bridges) All my ______, they find me.
  A.   bridges
  B.   friends
  C.   ghosts
  D.   tears

3. (Freedom Now) But every day is born a man:
  A.   one who says tomorrow's mine
  B.   who thinks the answer is to kill
  C.   who hates what he can't understand
  D.   one who thinks that he can rule

4. (Material World) But you've been sold:
  A.   down the river
  B.   into chains
  C.   into slavery
  D.   to the gods

5. (Be Careful of My Heart) One day you just:
  A.   fell apart and walked away
  B.   gave yourself away
  C.   taught me something it took me half my life to learn
  D.   up and walked away

6. (Subcity) They say there's too much _____ in these city streets.
  A.   crime
  B.   filth
  C.   poverty
  D.   sadness

7. (Born To Fight) They're trying to dig into my soul:
  A.   stripping me of everything I own
  B.   and take away the spirit of my god
  C.   they're tryin' to hurt me inside
  D.   they're tryin' to take control

8. (Crossroads) He a fool, he a liar, he a ______ and a thief.
  A.   conjurer
  B.   demon
  C.   devil
  D.   robber

9. (This Time) This time I won't let my _____ rule my life.
  A.   emotions
  B.   fear
  C.   friends
  D.   heart

10. (All That You Have is Your Soul) I had dreams, I had:
  A.   a second chance
  B.   a way to beat the system
  C.   high hopes
  D.   luck to spare®   

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