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Trivia Quiz - Tracy Chapman: "New Beginning" Album Lyrics

Fill in the lyrics from Tracy Chapman's "New Beginning" album.

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Date Submitted: January 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Tracy Chapman

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Tracy Chapman New Beginning Album Lyrics
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1. (Heaven's Here On Earth) I've seen and met _____ wearing the disguise.
  A.   angels
  B.   myself
  C.   ordinary people
  D.   spirits

2. (New Beginning) There's too much fighting:
  A.   too little understanding
  B.   too much pain
  C.   too much separation
  D.   too much suffering

3. (At This Point in My Life) I've been reaching high but always:
  A.   doing my best
  B.   losing ground
  C.   searching for the light
  D.   stumbling down

4. (The Promise) And I have desired to see your face, your:
  A.   eyes
  B.   heart
  C.   love
  D.   smile

5. (Tell It Like It Is) Say you'll never look at evil among us and:
  A.   close your eyes to it
  B.   lie about it
  C.   try to forget
  D.   turn your back

6. (Give Me One Reason) This youthful heart can love you:
  A.   but I've loved too many times
  B.   but it would be a waste of energy
  C.   and give you what you need
  D.   but you'd have to love me back

7. (Remember the Tinman) A strong elixir:
  A.   and sleight of hand
  B.   or a potion that you drank
  C.   or a trickster
  D.   to tear down your walls

8. (Smoke and Ashes) I'd heard talk about the trail you'd left of:
  A.   broken hearts
  B.   carbon-dated years
  C.   endless tears
  D.   red-hot hearts

9. (Give Me One Reason) I don't want no one to _______ me. They might take away my life.
  A.   fool
  B.   leave
  C.   love
  D.   squeeze

10. (New Beginning) We can share:
  A.   a happy ending
  B.   a new beginning
  C.   the myths, the dream, the prayer
  D.   the notion of a better world®   

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