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Trivia Quiz - Tracy Chapman: "Telling Stories" Album Lyrics

Fill in the missing lyrics from Tracy Chapman's "Telling Stories" album.

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Date Submitted: January 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Tracy Chapman

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Tracy Chapman Telling Stories Album Lyrics
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1. (Telling Stories) You will do and say anything:
  A.   a fabrication, a grand scheme
  B.   give us one more sad, sordid story
  C.   in your remembrance of your bad dream
  D.   to make your everyday life seem less mundane

2. (Less Than Strangers) I thought I saw you yesterday:
  A.   I thought I passed you on the street
  B.   I swear I saw your face
  C.   I was not imagining
  D.   you walked away from me

3. (Speak the Word) Bring me the wine and:
  A.   the cold night air to clear my head
  B.   let me speak the word
  C.   promise me everything
  D.   steady still my doubts

4. (It's OK) You can be beautiful and:
  A.   tragic
  B.   fabulous
  C.   lose your fear
  D.   witty

5. (Wedding Song) There is salvation and rapture:
  A.   in all my thoughts and virtues
  B.   for the lonely
  C.   in dreams and visions
  D.   right beside me

6. (Unsung Psalm) But I have no _______, no guilt in my heart.
  A.   desire
  B.   regrets
  C.   pain
  D.   sadness

7. (Nothing Yet) Broken and:
  A.   saddled with bonds
  B.   shadowed by Liberty's torch
  C.   sinking off the shore
  D.   in disrepair

8. (Paper and Ink) Money's:
  A.   an illusion
  B.   how the world turns
  C.   how we destroy ourselves
  D.   only paper, only ink

9. (Devotion) What if you find a fault:
  A.   between my devotion and my needs
  B.   between my purpose and my deeds
  C.   with my passing infatuation
  D.   with my test of fidelity

10. (First Try) Can't hear what you say:
  A.   can't hide, I can't fly
  B.   can't love from the heart
  C.   can't say what I mean
  D.   can't see by the light®   

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