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Trivia Quiz - Tracy Chapman: "Let It Rain" Album Lyrics

Fill in the lyrics from Tracy Chapman's "Let It Rain" album.

Quiz Number: 3779
Date Submitted: January 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Tracy Chapman

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Tracy Chapman Let It Rain Album Lyrics
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1. (Let It Rain) To where it makes no difference:
  A.   that I'm alone
  B.   that I'm not strong
  C.   that help is coming
  D.   who I am or what the future holds

2. (Another Sun) Sadness will turn away:
  A.   all pain will cease
  B.   searching for a new soul
  C.   sorrow won't call
  D.   when I have fallen

3. (You're the One) But I think you're sensitive and sweet:
  A.   and I like it when you play with me
  B.   and I like your smile
  C.   stay as you are, don't change a thing
  D.   wicked and wild

4. (Almost) One _____ light
  A.   bright
  B.   dim
  C.   green
  D.   soft

5. (Hard Wired) Turned into sitcom dialog:
  A.   and advertising slogans
  B.   humiliated in front of millions
  C.   labeled and encoded
  D.   collected and dispersed

6. (Say Hallelujah) The sun will rise:
  A.   but until that time
  B.   so stand upright
  C.   the stars will shine
  D.   turning night to dawn

7. (Broken) Everybody thinks you're:
  A.   broken
  B.   joking
  C.   nothing
  D.   so far from perfection

8. (Happy) But some can feel the ________ and walk away in disbelief.
  A.   grace of love
  B.   world turn round
  C.   last rays of the sun
  D.   wind in the trees

9. (Goodbye) It's all in one word:
  A.   It's all in a day
  B.   that stops and steals the time
  C.   though you've tried to be kind
  D.   to fate and circumstance resigned

10. (I Am Yours) When I fall and stumble:
  A.   flat on my face
  B.   in disgrace
  C.   my hands are empty
  D.   when I'm shamed and humbled®   

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