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Trivia Quiz - Shawn Colvin: "Fat City" Album

Fill in the lyrics from Shawn Colvin's "Fat City" album.

Quiz Number: 3780
Date Submitted: January 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 70 percent
Times Taken: 4 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2
Quiz is about: Shawn Colvin

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Shawn Colvin Fat City Album
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1. (Polaroids) Back in our New York home:
  A.   poised for the hit parade
  B.   thinking we had it made
  C.   walking these streets forlorn
  D.   we all in our uniforms

2. (Tennessee) Oh you kissed the soul of:
  A.   the banjo
  B.   a rebel
  C.   Tennessee
  D.   a Yankee girl

3. (Tenderness On the Block) It's a long way:
  A.   but she'll be OK
  B.   but she's all grown up
  C.   It's a long walk
  D.   Let her have her way

4. (Round of Blues) I set down my angel shoes:
  A.   for a better view
  B.   I know the rainbow's end
  C.   now I'm living in color
  D.   on a lost highway

5. (Monopoly) Because right now I would be bought and sold:
  A.   and I don't like to live this way
  B.   and that's what I know of love
  C.   I would sell your sweet, sweet soul
  D.   to see your face somewhere

6. (Onion in the Sky) Until you come face to face:
  A.   and there's no more time
  B.   in a world gone blind
  C.   with all the sad, sad things
  D.   with the looking glass

7. (Climb On) And if you could show me the:
  A.   strength in me
  B.   sad bones
  C.   story of love
  D.   woman you need

8. (Set the Prairie On Fire) When this feeling burns down:
  A.   consumed by religion
  B.   in the heat of desire
  C.   to one solitary color
  D.   in the smoldering meadow

9. (Object of My Affection) You're the object of my affection, not a phantom:
  A.   fantasy
  B.   remedy
  C.   shape
  D.   soul

10. (I Don't Know Why) But if there were no _____, then I would not get through.
  A.   you
  B.   dreams
  C.   music
  D.   trees®   

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