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Trivia Quiz - Groundhog Day: Part 2

Part Two of my quiz on this wintry favorite with Bill Murray.

Quiz Number: 3829
Date Submitted: February 03, 2011
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 72.2 percent
Times Taken: 51 times
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Groundhog Day Part 2
(Image Source: Groundhog Day Film Poster)

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1. Rita always drinks to:
  A.   the health of the other person
  B.   life
  C.   love
  D.   world peace

2. When Phil asked Rita to describe her "perfect guy", she listed all of the following except:
  A.   he loves his mother
  B.   he's not afraid to cry
  C.   he plays an instrument
  D.   he's a sharp dresser

3. Rita's favorite ice cream:
  A.   Butter Pecan
  B.   Mocha Almond
  C.   Pralines and Cream
  D.   Rocky Road

4. Rita studied this in college:
  A.   19th century French poetry
  B.   Eastern philosophy
  C.   Greek mythology
  D.   Renaissance art

5. In his room at the B&B, Phil had a book of poems by:
  A.   Baudelaire
  B.   Desnos
  C.   Mallarme
  D.   Rimbaud

6. While repeating Groundhog Day over and over, Phil learned to do all of the following except:
  A.   ice sculpt
  B.   play piano
  C.   ice skate
  D.   speak French

7. While watching Jeopardy at the B&B, Phil knew all the answers in this category:
  A.   British authors
  B.   lakes and rivers
  C.   movie quotes
  D.   Native American culture

8. When Larry realized that Phil was driving over the cliff, he:
  A.   called out for help
  B.   filmed the whole thing
  C.   started to cry
  D.   yelled "Phil! No!"

9. Phil performed many heroic deeds after his transformation over time. He did all of the following except:
  A.   caught a boy who fell from a tree
  B.   changed a tire for a carload of grateful ladies
  C.   saved a couple's marriage
  D.   saved a man from choking

10. Phil was given this honorary title by some of the townspeople:
  A.   doctor
  B.   mayor
  C.   professor
  D.   sheriff®   

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