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Trivia Quiz - Archimedes of Syracuse

Here's a challenging trivia quiz about the Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer, Archimedes of Syracuse.

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Date Submitted: October 01, 2011
Quiz Categories: Ancient History, Scientists
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Archimedes

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Archimedes of Syracuse
(Image Source: Archimedes)

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1. Where was Archimedes born?
  A.   Syracuse, NY
  B.   Syracuse, Sicilia
  C.   Roma, Italy
  D.   Syracuse, England

2. The tomb of Archimedes carried a sculpture illustrating his favorite mathematical proof, consisting of what?
  A.   two jugglers on unicycles circling a fascimille of Earth.
  B.   a sphere and a right cylinder.
  C.   a lever and a slender girl moving \Earth.
  D.   a grape and an orange falling from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

3. How did Archimedes determine the lack of purity in the gold used to make a crown for King Hiero II?
  A.   Careful measurements and used an integral.
  B.   Melted the crown to a right cylinder, and compared mass to volume.
  C.   Through levers and a centrifuge
  D.   Determined displacement / bouyance in water, and used a gold standard.

4. Why was Archimedes commissioned to develop the Archimedes Screw?
  A.   To punish money-lenders.
  B.   To pump bilges from a large ship.
  C.   To launch Greek Fire bombs from ships to land-based targets.
  D.   To fasten hanging garden marble supports.

5. What was the Claw of Archimedes?
  A.   Archimedes has a versatile prostetic hand.
  B.   A device to disable enemy ships.
  C.   A torture device employed on Roman Senators.
  D.   A lever to open and close drawbridges at castle ramparts.

6. What was the purpose of Archimedes Heat Ray?
  A.   To burn prisoners alive.
  B.   Provide for solar heating for the Syracuse baths.
  C.   Set fire to Roman ships.
  D.   To defend Syracuse fields from pests.

7. Archimedes has also been credited with improving the power and accuracy of which of the following?
  A.   spear.
  B.   Greek fire - ancient napalm.
  C.   catapults.
  D.   primitive counting machines.

8. Archimedes used reductio ad absurdum to help calculate Pi. What is reductio ad absurdum mean?
  A.   fuzzy math
  B.   proof by contradiction
  C.   death by exhaustion
  D.   adsurd headache

9. What Archimedes principle did Galileo Galilei refine for weighing metals?
  A.   Lever scale.
  B.   Bouyant mass compensator.
  C.   Hydrostatic balance.
  D.   Flux capacitor.

10. How was Archimedes killed during the Siege of Syracuse?
  A.   a failed siege engine.
  B.   when the pumps in the city failed.
  C.   a Roman soldier against orders.
  D.   disease caused by biological warfare.®   

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