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Trivia Quiz - 1954 Milan Indians Basketball Team--The Real Hoosiers!!

This is a quiz about my Hometown and my High School. The only thing our town is known for is the 1954 Cinderella Basketball team that won the State Basketball Championship and also inspired a movie. Hope you like the quiz on my school.

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Date Submitted: February 14, 2012
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Author: dartjock
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1954 Milan Indians Basketball Team The Real Hoosiers
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1. Milan High School was the smallest school to ever win the Indiana Single Class State Basketball Championship in 1954. What was Milan's school enrollment at the time?
  A.   154
  B.   161
  C.   173
  D.   201

2. The 1954 Milan Indians team inspired the movie Hoosiers. What year was Hoosiers released?
  A.   1982
  B.   1986
  C.   1988
  D.   1990

3. Who was the Head Coach of the 1954 Milan team?
  A.   Gene White
  B.   Bobby Plump
  C.   Marvin Wood
  D.   Herman "Snort" Grinstead

4. Milan won the State Championship Game by a score of 32-30.Who did Milan defeat in the Championship game?
  A.   Muncie
  B.   Muncie South
  C.   Muncie North
  D.   Muncie Central

5. Who made the winning basket as time expired to give Milan the Historic win?
  A.   Bobby Plump
  B.   Gene White
  C.   Ray Craft
  D.   Bill Jordan

6. What college team still today plays their home games in the very building that hosted the 1954 Milan Indians historic win?
  A.   Indiana State
  B.   Vincennes
  C.   Butler
  D.   Purdue

7. What was the name of the 4 corner ball control offense that Milan used to win the State Championship?
  A.   Cat and Mouse Offense
  B.   Slow Motion Offense
  C.   Spread Offense
  D.   Keep Away Offense

8. Milan beat Crispus Attucks to advance to the Final Four.Attucks was led by what future NBA Hall of Famer?
  A.   Kent Benson
  B.   Wes Unseld
  C.   Rick Barry
  D.   Oscar Robertson

9. In 1954 Milan's population was 1,150,but 40,000 people descended on the town to greet the team when they returned and cars were lined up along the highways for how many miles?
  A.   13 miles
  B.   10 miles
  C.   8 miles
  D.   5 miles

10. Milan was of couse 9-0 in their playoff run in 1954.What was Milan's overall season record in 1954 including playoffs?
  A.   24-6
  B.   27-3
  C.   28-2
  D.   30-0®   

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