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Trivia Quizzes - Basketball

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1954 Milan Indians Basketball Team--The Real Hoosiers!!Basketball, Your School Quizzes  dartjock3572
2 HoosiersDrama Movies, Basketball  dartjock17371
3 ABA: American Basketball Association TeamsBasketball  FRANKL19656869.7
4 Allen Iverson-Sixer GreatBasketballAllen Iverson  dartjock32272.5
5 Basketball BasicsBasketball  lmcubs15043.3
6 Bill Russell: NBA GreatBasketballBill Russell  lmcubs22552.6
7 Charles Barkley-NBA GreatBasketballCharles Barkley  dartjock3066.3
8 Chris Webber-Fab 5 MemberBasketballChris Webber  dartjock1278.3
9 Dr.James Naismith-The Inventor of BasketballBasketballJames Naismith  dartjock11553.2
10 Harlem GlobetrottersBasketball  dartjock8347.8
11 Jalen Rose-Fab 5 MemberBasketballJalen Rose  dartjock1163.6
12 Jimmy King-Fab 5 MemberBasketballJimmy King  dartjock843.8
13 Juwan Howard-Fab 5 MemberBasketballJuwan Howard  dartjock356.7
14 Kareem Abdul Jabbar-The ActorBasketballKareem Abdul-Jabbar  dartjock2535.6
15 Kareem Abdul Jabbar-The PlayerBasketballKareem Abdul-Jabbar  dartjock27360.2
16 Meadowlark Lemon- Basketball ClownBasketballMeadowlark Lemon  dartjock1550
17 NBA Players Jersey MatchNBA Basketball, Basketball  dartjock29976.3
18 Ray Jackson-Fab 5 MemberBasketballRay Jackson  dartjock1082
19 Reggie Miller-3 Point SpecialistBasketballReggie Miller  dartjock2263.2
20 WNBA: Team NamesBasketball  FRANKL19654180.2

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