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Trivia Quiz - Charles Barkley-NBA Great

Here's a quiz on Hall of Fame great Charles Barkley, a great player who never won an NBA Championship.

Quiz Number: 4707
Date Submitted: September 28, 2012
Quiz Categories: Basketball
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Charles Barkley

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Charles Barkley NBA Great
(Image Source: Charles Barkley @ Photobucket)

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1. Where did Charles play his college basketball?
  A.   Alabama
  B.   Aurburn
  C.   Georgia Tech
  D.   Georgia

2. What is Charles nickname?
  A.   Sir Charles
  B.   The Round Mound of Rebound
  C.   Prince Charles of the Court
  D.   Both A and B

3. What team drafted Charles 5th overall in the 1st round of the 1984 NBA Draft?
  A.   Houston Rockets
  B.   Portland Trailblazers
  C.   Philadelphia 76ers
  D.   Phoenix Suns

4. Charles had his college jersey number retired by his Alma Mater in 2001. What jersey number was it?
  A.   34
  B.   32
  C.   14
  D.   4

5. Charles played Center in college but what position did he play in the NBA?
  A.   Small Forward
  B.   Power Forward
  C.   Center
  D.   Shooting Guard

6. Charles was traded to what team in 1992?
  A.   Philadelphia 76ers
  B.   Houston Rockets
  C.   Portland Trailblazers
  D.   Phoenix Suns

7. What team was Charles playing for during his Infamous Spitting Incident?
  A.   Portland Trailblazers
  B.   Philadelphia 76ers
  C.   Phoenix Suns
  D.   Houston Rockets

8. What team did Charles play his last NBA game for?
  A.   Philadelphia 76ers
  B.   Phoenix Suns
  C.   Houston Rockets
  D.   Portland Trailblazers

9. Charles never won an NBA Championship,reaching the NBA Finals only once during his career. What team was Charles with when he reached his only NBA Finals?
  A.   Houston Rockets
  B.   Portland Trailblazers
  C.   Philadelphia 76ers
  D.   Phoenix Suns

10. How many times was Charles selected as an All-Star during his 16 year NBA career?
  A.   11
  B.   12
  C.   14
  D.   16®   

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