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Trivia Quiz - Jimmy King-Fab 5 Member

This is a quiz on former Fab 5 member Jimmy King, a group of Freshman that changed college basketball.

Quiz Number: 4723
Date Submitted: October 05, 2012
Quiz Categories: Basketball
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 43.3 percent
Times Taken: 9 times
Taken by Registered Users: 1
Quiz is about: Jimmy King

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Jimmy King Fab 5 Member

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1. What jersey number did Jimmy wear while playing at Michigan?
  A.   13
  B.   21
  C.   24
  D.   25

2. What NBA team drafted Jimmy in the 2nd round of the 1995 NBA Draft?
  A.   Detroit Pistons
  B.   Toronto Raptors
  C.   Vancouver Grizzlies
  D.   Washington Bullets

3. What team did Jimmy play his last NBA game with?
  A.   Toronto Raptors
  B.   Dallas Mavericks
  C.   Detroit Pistons
  D.   Denver Nuggets

4. Jimmy was incarcerated at Michigan's Oakland County Jail in 2011 with what other member of the Fab 5?
  A.   Jalen Rose
  B.   Chris Webber
  C.   Juwan Howard
  D.   Jimmy King

5. Jimmy was shortly waived after being traded by Toronto to what NBA team?
  A.   Vancouver Grizzlies
  B.   Dallas Mavericks
  C.   Washington Bullets
  D.   Boston Celtics

6. What state was Jimmy born in?
  A.   California
  B.   Texas
  C.   Michigan
  D.   Indiana

7. What position did Jimmy play in the NBA?
  A.   Small Forward
  B.   Point Guard
  C.   Shooting Guard
  D.   Power Forward

8. What jersey number did Jimmy wear while playing with the Denver Nuggets?
  A.   13
  B.   16
  C.   21
  D.   23

9. Jimmy won a CBA Championship in 1998 with what CBA team?
  A.   Las Vegas Silver Bandits
  B.   Gary Steelheads
  C.   Grand Rapids Hoops
  D.   Quad City Thunder

10. After basketball, Jimmy worked as a Financial Advisor on Wall Street for what company?
  A.   Bear Stearns
  B.   Merrill Lynch
  C.   JP Morgan Chase
  D.   Morgan Stanley®   

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