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Trivia Quiz - McDonald's Corporation: Part #2

This is a quiz on one of the biggest fast food chains in America. Great McDonald's restaurants' history, facts and trivia!

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Date Submitted: April 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: Business, American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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McDonalds Corporation Part 2
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1. What color is the McDonald's sign
  A.   red and blue
  B.   red and yellow
  C.   green and yellow
  D.   black and blue

2. McDonalds began in what year?
  A.   1932
  B.   1936
  C.   1940
  D.   1946

3. We all know Ronald McDonald, but who was the first mascot for McDonalds?
  A.   Burger Man
  B.   Gremlin
  C.   Burger Chef
  D.   Speedee

4. McDonald's headquarters are located where?
  A.   Oak Brook, Illinois
  B.   Springfield, Massachusetts
  C.   Columbus, Ohio
  D.   Dublin, Ireland

5. McDonald's is worldwide, so where would you be if you bought the most expensive Big Mac?
  A.   America
  B.   Britain
  C.   Norway
  D.   China

6. Where in the world would you find the cheapest Big Mac?
  A.   China
  B.   India
  C.   Japan
  D.   Russia

7. McDonald's has an annual event for one day, where all their profits for that day go to charity. What is this day called?
  A.   McHappy Day
  B.   Ronald McDonald Day
  C.   McDonald's Day
  D.   Happy Meal Day

8. What country singer referenced McDonald's in his 1983 hit song "Common Man"?
  A.   Eddie Rabbit
  B.   Earl Thomas Conley
  C.   T.G.Sheppard
  D.   John Conlee

9. McDonald's is the largest fast food restaurant in the United States. What restaurant is the 2nd largest?
  A.   White Castle
  B.   Wendy's
  C.   Hardees
  D.   Burger King

10. McDonald's is owned by whom?
  A.   Ray Kroc
  B.   Stockholders
  C.   Dave Thomas
  D.   Ray Kraft®   

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