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Trivia Quiz - Ernest P. Worrell

This is a quiz about Ernest, "Know what I mean, Vern"? A character made famous by the late, great actor Jim Varney.

Quiz Number: 4478
Date Submitted: May 11, 2012
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 67.6 percent
Times Taken: 205 times
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Ernest P. Worrell
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1. What was the name of the very first "Ernest" movie?
  A.   Ernest Goes To Jail
  B.   Ernest Goes To School
  C.   Ernest Saves Christmas
  D.   Ernest Goes To Camp

2. What was the name of Ernest's dog that was seen in "Ernest Goes To Jail" and "Ernest Scared Stupid"?
  A.   Shorty
  B.   Jake
  C.   Rimshot
  D.   Pokey

3. What was the name of the camp in "Ernest Goes To Camp"?
  A.   Camp Kikakee
  B.   Camp Krader
  C.   Camp Mustafa
  D.   Camp Keyoghee

4. What is Ernest's occupation in the movie "Ernest Saves Christmas"?
  A.   Mall Janitor
  B.   Taxi Cab Driver
  C.   Garbage Truck Driver
  D.   Department Store Box Boy

5. What is Ernest's profession in the movie "Ernest Goes To Jail"?
  A.   Security Guard
  B.   Night Custodian at a Bank
  C.   Bank Teller
  D.   Cab Driver

6. In "Ernest Scared Stupid," Ernest was a sanitation engineer doing battle with what monster?
  A.   Ghost
  B.   Werewolf
  C.   Lephrecaun
  D.   Troll

7. In "Ernest Rides Again," what was hidden in the cannon?
  A.   Money
  B.   Map to a Buried Treasure
  C.   Jewells
  D.   Gold

8. What was the name of the high school for which Ernest worked as a custodian in "Ernest Goes To School"?
  A.   Chickasaw Falls
  B.   Choctaw Ridge
  C.   Carver High
  D.   Cherokee Falls

9. Who played the angel that gave Ernest a magical pair of basketball shoes in "Slam Dunk Ernest"?
  A.   Magic Johnson
  B.   Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  C.   Larry Bird
  D.   Michael Jordan

10. In "Ernest Goes To Africa," Ernest unknowingly uses the Eyes of Igoli Jewels to make a gift for the girl that he likes. What kind of gift does he make?
  A.   A Necklace
  B.   Earings
  C.   A Birdhouse
  D.   A Yo-Yo®   

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