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Trivia Quiz - June Lockhart

What do you know about the amazing and versatile actress, June Lockhart?

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Date Submitted: September 24, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: June Lockhart

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June Lockhart
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1. What role did June Lockhart play in the 1960s TV series "Lost in Space"?
  A.   Maureen Robinson
  B.   Penny Robinson
  C.   Judy Robinson
  D.   Billie Robinson

2. June's parents were both actors. What were their first names?
  A.   Gene and Martha
  B.   Gene and Kathleen
  C.   Donald and Catherine
  D.   Mark and Lisa

3. June's first credited film role was alongside her parents in what 1938 film?
  A.   Little Miss Broadway
  B.   Sweethearts
  C.   Boys Town
  D.   A Christmas Carol

4. From 1959–1964, Ms. Lockhart starred in the television drama, "Lassie" as Mrs. Ruth Martin. What was the first name of Lockhart's TV son in this series?
  A.   Tommy
  B.   Timmy
  C.   Jimmy
  D.   Johnny

5. What actor played Professor John Robinson, husband of Lockhart's character on the 1960s TV series, "Lost in Space"?
  A.   Guy Williams
  B.   Mark Goddard
  C.   Jonathan Harris
  D.   Dick Tufeld

6. From 1968-70, Lockhart appeared as Dr. Janet Craig in what CBS sitcom?
  A.   Beverly Hillbillies
  B.   Green Acres
  C.   Petticoat Junction
  D.   Addams Family

7. In what 1944 film did June Lockhart star alongside Judy Garland?
  A.   Laura
  B.   Double Indemnity
  C.   Pin Up Girl
  D.   Meet Me in St. Louis

8. Ms. Lockhart had a minor role in the 1998 movie, "Lost in Space." What character did she play?
  A.   news reporter
  B.   Maureen Robinson
  C.   Principal Cartwright
  D.   Major West's commanding officer

9. Ms. Lockhart's daughter is also an actress best known for her role as Lieutenant Sheba in the original "Battlestar Galactica" series. What is her name?
  A.   Mary Lockhart
  B.   Kathleen Lockhart
  C.   Lizbeth Lockhart
  D.   Anne Lockhart

10. Ms. Lockhart has worked as an ambassador for the State Parks system of what U.S. state?
  A.   New York
  B.   Nevada
  C.   California
  D.   Texas®   

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