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Trivia Quiz - Military Operations & Their Code Names

A quiz on some of the famous military operations throughout history.

Quiz Number: 4739
Date Submitted: October 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, World War II
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Military Operations  Their Code Names

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1. What was the name of the war that removed occupying Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991?
  A.   Scorched Earth
  B.   Catapult
  C.   Desert Storm
  D.   North Wind

2. What was Operation Rolling Thunder?
  A.   Bombing of Germany into submission in World War II
  B.   Airborne attack on North Vietnam from 1965-68
  C.   Attack on Baghdad in the second Iraqi War
  D.   Fire-bombing of Tokyo in 1945

3. What was the name of the Israeli raid on Entebbe Airport in 1976 that freed hostages of Palestinian hijackers?
  A.   Operation Thunderbolt
  B.   Operation Lightning Strike
  C.   Operation Cloudburst
  D.   Operation Stormcloud

4. What was the name of the invasion of Normandy in 1944?
  A.   Operation Sea Lion
  B.   Operation Strike Back
  C.   Operation D Day
  D.   Operation Overlord

5. The invasion of Russia by Germany in World War II had what operational name?
  A.   Bismarck
  B.   Blitzkreig
  C.   Barbarossa
  D.   Battleaxe

6. What was the code name of the US invasion of Panama in 1989?
  A.   Just Cause
  B.   Freedom
  C.   Liberty
  D.   Pineapple Face

7. Operation Restore Hope was concerned with which African campaign?
  A.   Bombing of Libya in 1986
  B.   Assistance to Southern Sudan in its conflict with Sudan
  C.   Intervention in the Rwandan Civil War in 1994
  D.   Provision of aid to starving Somalis following a year-long civil war

8. What was the code name for the planned uprising in Germany in 1944 which included Hitler's assassination?
  A.   Vulcan
  B.   Vindication
  C.   Valkyrie
  D.   Vanquish

9. By what name was the US naval blockade of the Japanese mainland in World War II known as?
  A.   Stranglehold
  B.   Starvation
  C.   Strikeforce
  D.   Stronghold

10. What was Operation Crossbow?
  A.   The dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki
  B.   Germany's V rocket program used against Britain in World War II
  C.   Britain's defensive program against German V rockets in World War II
  D.   The dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima®   

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