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Trivia Quiz - Tom Lehrer Songs

A quiz on one of the wittiest composers to come out of the USA. His satirical songs on modern life, especially of the 1960s, caused controversy and acclaim in equal quantities.

Quiz Number: 5094
Date Submitted: July 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Tom Lehrer Songs

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1. Which of Tom Lehrer's songs caused quite a stir with the Roman Catholic Church?
  A.   The Papal Polka
  B.   St Peter's Cha Cha
  C.   The Vatican Rag
  D.   The Abstinence Tango

2. What Tom Lehrer song promotes the joy of exterminating urban wildlife?
  A.   Squashin' Squirrels
  B.   Masticating Mice
  C.   Bumping Off Beavers
  D.   Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

3. Which of Tom Lehrer's songs consists of nothing but all the elements from the periodic table?
  A.   The Elements
  B.   The Periodic Table
  C.   Elementary, Dr Lehrer!
  D.   Periodic Pedantry

4. Which Tom Lehrer song provoked criticism from the Boy Scout movement?
  A.   Tying Yourself in Knots
  B.   Be Prepared
  C.   Going Camping
  D.   The Scoutmaster

5. In his song "Smut", which fictional character did Tom Lehrer call a "dirty old man"?
  A.   The Wizard of Oz
  B.   Old King Cole
  C.   Georgey Porgy
  D.   Little Boy Blue

6. Which member of the Germany's World War II campaign did Tom Lehrer lampoon in song?
  A.   Martin Bormann
  B.   Josef Mengele
  C.   Adolf Eichmann
  D.   Wernher von Braun

7. In his song "Pollution" what Californian city gets a mention as the unwitting recipient of San Francisco's rubbish?
  A.   Fresno
  B.   San Diego
  C.   San Jose
  D.   Sacramento

8. Tom Lehrer's song "So long, Mom" is about what topic?
  A.   Oedipus syndrome
  B.   Homosexuality
  C.   Space exploration
  D.   World War III

9. In his song "National Brotherhood Week" which religious group does Tom Lehrer say everybody hates?
  A.   Catholics
  B.   Jews
  C.   Muslims
  D.   Hindus

10. In his apocalyptic "We Will All Go Together When We Go" what institution does Tom Lehrer mention?
  A.   The Pentagon
  B.   The Kremlin
  C.   The United Nations
  D.   Lloyd's of London®   

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