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Trivia Quiz - Sting: Musician Extraordinaire

How much do you know about the trivia and facts about musical legend and former member of the Police?

Quiz Number: 5104
Date Submitted: August 05, 2013
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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1. Before going solo, Sting was the frontman for which band?
  A.   Genesis
  B.   Men At Work
  C.   The Police
  D.   The Cars

2. What is Sting's given birth name?
  A.   Gordon Sumner
  B.   Steve Borden
  C.   Charles Sebastian
  D.   Sebastian Lloyd

3. What was Sting's profession before becoming a professional musician?
  A.   Driving Instructor
  B.   School Teacher
  C.   Bus Driver
  D.   Chef

4. What country was Sting born in?
  A.   Great Britain
  B.   Italy
  C.   Australia
  D.   England

5. What was the name of Sting's 2003 autobiography?
  A.   Broken Music
  B.   The Dream of the Blue Turtles
  C.   Musical Mayhem
  D.   Broken Dreams

6. What was the name of Sting's first solo album?
  A.   Sting
  B.   The Soul Cages
  C.   The Dream of the Blue Turtles
  D.   Brand New Day

7. Sting performed with which country artist on CMT'S Crossroads?
  A.   Willie Nelson
  B.   Vince Gill
  C.   George Jones
  D.   Keith Urban

8. Sting had his first acting role in what 1979 film?
  A.   Quadrophenia
  B.   Life of Brian
  C.   Manhattan
  D.   The Black Hole

9. What did Sting's first two wives have in common?
  A.   Both had the first name of Francis
  B.   They both shared the same birthday
  C.   Both appeared on one of his album covers
  D.   Both were actresses

10. What was Sting's father's profession?
  A.   He was a chef
  B.   He was a cab driver
  C.   He was a milkman
  D.   He was a record producer®   

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