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Trivia Quiz - Sleeping with the Enemy

Remember this entertaining, well done thriller from 1991? It's a "must see" for Julia Roberts fans. I've seen it countless times.

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Date Submitted: June 10, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Sleeping with the Enemy
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1. What was the name of the doctor who owned the boat?
  A.   Wayne Albertson
  B.   John Fleishman
  C.   Neil Payton
  D.   Dean Winters

2. Which Berlioz composition gave Laura the creeps?
  A.   Les Troyens
  B.   Romeo et Juliette
  C.   Symphonie Fantastique
  D.   Te Deum

3. What did Laura do with her wedding ring when she left Martin?
  A.   She flushed it down the toilet in their summer house.
  B.   She dropped it in the ocean while swimming for the beach.
  C.   She left it at a truckstop on her way to her new town.
  D.   She sold it for money after she left.

4. What did Laura change her name to after she left Martin?
  A.   Sara Bay
  B.   Sara Lake
  C.   Sara Rivers
  D.   Sara Waters

5. While watering his yard, Ben sang a song from what musical?
  A.   Hello Dolly
  B.   Meet Me in St. Louis
  C.   South Pacific
  D.   Westside Story

6. What was the name of the nursing home where Laura's mother lived?
  A.   Cedar Falls
  B.   Hillgrove
  C.   Oak Hill
  D.   Rose Terrace

7. In what town did Ben teach drama?
  A.   Beaumont
  B.   Cedar Falls
  C.   Green Lake
  D.   Livingston

8. What song did Ben and "Sara" dance to?
  A.   Blue Suede Shoes
  B.   I Only Have Eyes for You
  C.   Runaround Sue
  D.   Rock Around the Clock

9. What name did Martin use when he visited Chloe in the nursing home?
  A.   Daryl Walker
  B.   Merrill Stapleton
  C.   Doyle Evans
  D.   Terrel Stanton

10. When Martin tracked Laura down, where did he see her with Ben?
  A.   at a carnival
  B.   at a dance
  C.   at a nightclub
  D.   on a picnic®   

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