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Trivia Quiz - The Sydney Swans

The Sydney Swans were Sydney's first AFL team but the club had a long history before they came to Sydney. Test your knowledge of the famous red and whites.

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Date Submitted: September 08, 2014
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The Sydney Swans

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1. Before they were the Sydney Swans, what was the club known as?
  A.   Footscray
  B.   Fitzroy
  C.   South Melbourne
  D.   Caulfield

2. Apart from their name of the Swans, by what title was the club also known?
  A.   Reds
  B.   Red and Whites
  C.   Clarets
  D.   Bloods

3. What Sydney icon do the Swans' players have on their jerseys?
  A.   Sydney Harbour Bridge
  B.   Sydney Opera House
  C.   Sydney Tower
  D.   Manly Ferry

4. Why was the team originally called the Swans?
  A.   Because of the number of players from Western Australia in early teams
  B.   Their original home ground was on Swanson St.
  C.   In their first years they were called the ugly ducklings of the competition.
  D.   Because of their graceful aerial marking

5. Who of the following AFL stars never played for the Sydney Swans?
  A.   Paul Roos
  B.   Tony Lockett
  C.   Gary Ablett
  D.   Paul Kelly

6. The Swans held the uneviable record for the longest period between AFL premierships which was how many years?
  A.   54
  B.   72
  C.   81
  D.   93

7. Who was the first coach of the Sydney Swans to lead his team to a premiership win?
  A.   Rick Quade
  B.   Barry Hall
  C.   Tommy Haffey
  D.   Paul Roos

8. In what year did the Swans make Sydney their home?
  A.   1980
  B.   1982
  C.   1984
  D.   1986

9. What is the name of the Sydney Swans mascot?
  A.   Cyggy
  B.   Syd
  C.   Swannie
  D.   Siddy

10. Despite their small number of premierships, the Swans hold the AFL record for the greatest number of Brownlow medallists. How many times have their players won this award?
  A.   10
  B.   14
  C.   18
  D.   22®   

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