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Trivia Quiz - World War II Battles

Take ten questions on some of the significant battles that affected the outcome of World War II.

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Date Submitted: January 14, 2015
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World War II Battles

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1. In what battle did U S forces led by General Schmidt attack and take a small Pacific island in February, 1945?
  A.   Guadalcanal
  B.   Saipan
  C.   Okinawa
  D.   Iwo Jima

2. What battle in July, 1943 was the largest tank engagement of World War II?
  A.   Kursk Salient
  B.   Battle of the Bulge
  C.   El Alamein
  D.   Arnhem

3. What World War II battle staged in October, 1944, saw the capture of the first major German city?
  A.   Scheldt
  B.   Aachen
  C.   Moorbrugge
  D.   Arnhem

4. What surprise landing by a joint Anglo-American force in January, 1944 saw approximately 50,000 troops establish a command post near Rome?
  A.   Cassino
  B.   Salerno
  C.   San Marino
  D.   Anzio

5. What naval battle in May 1942 saw the first defeat of the Japanese Navy?
  A.   Bataan
  B.   Midway
  C.   Coral Sea
  D.   Inchon

6. What battle staged from October to November, 1942 saw German forces driven out of Egypt by Allied forces?
  A.   Tobruk
  B.   Tripoli
  C.   Benghazi
  D.   El Alamein

7. What battle saw the German army defeated in its last offensive of World War II in January, 1945?
  A.   Ardennes
  B.   Dieppe
  C.   Cherbourg
  D.   Arras

8. What World War II battle was one of the first Soviet victories in January, 1942 after this city was taken by German forces in October, 1941?
  A.   Borodino
  B.   Bautzen
  C.   Breslau
  D.   Bryansk

9. What battle of World War II involved the largest island of the Marianas and saw U S forces overwhelm the occupying Japanese army in July-August, 1944?
  A.   Saipan
  B.   Iwo Jima
  C.   Marshall Islands
  D.   Guam

10. What battle staged on Soviet soil from 1942 to 1943 was regarded as the turning point in the European theatre of the Second World War? German forces were led by Paulus while General Zhukov commanded the Soviet army.
  A.   Leningrad
  B.   Volgograd
  C.   Kharkov
  D.   Stalingrad®   

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