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Trivia Quiz - Prehistoric People

They are the people from whom we all owe our existence. Take ten questions on your very distant ancestors.

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Date Submitted: November 02, 2015
Quiz Categories: History, Ancient History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Prehistoric People

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1. What is the species from which modern mankind sprang?
  A.   Homo erectus
  B.   Neanderthals
  C.   Homo sapiens
  D.   Australopithecus

2. The discovery and use of fire affected mankind in many ways. Which of the following was not one of these?
  A.   language
  B.   economic
  C.   diet
  D.   entertainment

3. The term "Neanderthal" stems from what?
  A.   a site in Germany where bones of this type were first discovered
  B.   Latin - "new species"
  C.   The pronounced low brow of the males
  D.   Greek - "more hirsute"

4. What does the term "homo sapiens" mean?
  A.   early man
  B.   cave man
  C.   hairy man
  D.   wise man

5. What body part increased dramatically in size for prehistoric man?
  A.   heart
  B.   genitalia
  C.   biceps
  D.   brain

6. The Palaeolithic period refers to what age?
  A.   stone
  B.   bronze
  C.   iron
  D.   pre-caveman

7. What species replaced Neanderthals and saw them spread throughout the world?
  A.   Australopithecus
  B.   homonids
  C.   Cro-magnon
  D.   Homo Erectus

8. What does to term 'homonid' refer to?
  A.   manlike
  B.   ape
  C.   transitory
  D.   hairy or hirsute

9. What stone did prehistoric people use to fashion spear tips?
  A.   limestone
  B.   marble
  C.   flint
  D.   slate

10. Prehistoric people ate a variety of foods. Which of the following did they not hunt and eat?
  A.   bears
  B.   mammoths
  C.   dinosaurs
  D.   deer®   

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