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Trivia Quiz - Marquis de Sade

The Marquis de Sade is one of few people whose name became part of the language. His debauchery is legendary so see how much you know about this twisted figure.

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Date Submitted: December 18, 2015
Quiz Categories: History, French History
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Author: grant228
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Marquis de Sade

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1. de Sade is known as the Marquis but with what name was he bestowed when born in France in 1740?
  A.   Alphonse
  B.   Francois
  C.   Donatien
  D.   Christien

2. At the age of 5 de Sade was sent to live with his grandmother and five aunts who exposed him to what?
  A.   bestiality
  B.   orgies
  C.   a regimen of freezing baths to cure him of his evil desires
  D.   malnutrition and neglect

3. Following his unorthodox childhood with his grandmother and aunts, de Sade was sent to live with his uncle, a member of the clergy who also did what?
  A.   kept a mistress and a brothel
  B.   regularly beat the young de Sade
  C.   introduced de Sade to pain as a sexual stimulant
  D.   instilled in the young de Sade the wickedness of any sexual contact

4. At the age of 10, de Sade was sent to the prestigious Jesuit school, College Luis-le-Grand where what happened?
  A.   He was sexually assaulted by a school mate
  B.   The headmaster took a liking to him and groomed him.
  C.   He used his very early sexual education to establish a brothel in the school.
  D.   He was beaten on a weekly basis and began to look forward to these.

5. de Sade was married to Renee-Pelagie de Montreuil in May, 1763. How long had he known her?
  A.   Almost all his life; she was a childhood friend.
  B.   They met for the first time at the altar.
  C.   Two days
  D.   10 years

6. de Sade's first arrest and imprisonment followed his sexual and physical attack on Jean Testard. What particularly incensed the Marquis about this woman?
  A.   She was Catholic
  B.   She was a virgin
  C.   She was his half sister
  D.   She originally refused his advances

7. In his thirties, de Sade's perverted interests strayed to which new area?
  A.   animals
  B.   young girls
  C.   young boys
  D.   corpses

8. In 1777 the law finally caught up with de Sade with what punishment imposed for multiple rapes and torture?
  A.   castration
  B.   sentence of death
  C.   life imprisonment
  D.   13 years imprisonment

9. de Sade's most famous work in which he catalogued many of his perversions has what woman's name as its title?
  A.   Justine
  B.   Camille
  C.   Angela
  D.   Celeste

10. Which celebrated Frenchman ordered de Sade's arrest after reading his works?
  A.   Robespierre
  B.   Napoleon
  C.   Danton
  D.   Marat®   

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