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Trivia Quiz - Stonewall Jackson - Legendary Civil War General

His heroic exploits during the U S Civil War earned "Stonewall" Jackson eternal fame. See how much you know about this fascinating military man.

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Date Submitted: January 17, 2016
Quiz Categories: History, American Civil War
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Stonewall Jackson  Legendary Civil War General

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1. Stonewall Jackson was born in January, 1824 and was given what first name?
  A.   William
  B.   Thomas
  C.   Robert
  D.   Michael

2. What medical condition afflicted Stonewall Jackson during his younger years?
  A.   hypochondria
  B.   Parkinson's disease
  C.   migraine
  D.   epilepsy

3. At the start of the Civil War what rank did Stonewall Jackson have?
  A.   brigadier
  B.   major
  C.   colonel
  D.   major general

4. At what battle was Jackson bestowed with the title of Stonewall?
  A.   Seven Pines
  B.   Antietam
  C.   First Bull Run
  D.   Second Bull Run

5. Stonewall Jackson received acclaim when his 17000 defeated over 60000 Union troops while defending what city?
  A.   Lexington
  B.   Charlestown
  C.   Atlanta
  D.   Richmond

6. While Stonewall Jackson had many military successes, at what battle was he cited for not demonstrating "initiative, resourcefulness and dependability"?
  A.   Second Bull Run
  B.   Seven Days Battles
  C.   Gettysburg
  D.   Chattanooga

7. How many times was Stonewall Jackson married?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   4

8. How did Stonewall Jackson die at the Battle of Chancellorsville?
  A.   accidentally shot by some of his troops
  B.   pneumonia
  C.   shot while accepting a Union surrender party
  D.   leading his troops into the final stages of the battle

9. Following the death of Stonewall Jackson which family member declared a lack of sympathy at hearing the news?
  A.   daughter
  B.   brother
  C.   sister
  D.   father

10. In what Virginian city was the Stonewall Jackson home and museum opened in 1954?
  A.   Appomattox
  B.   Richmond
  C.   Arlington
  D.   Lexington®   

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