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Trivia Quiz - World War II - 1942

1942 saw Germany and Japan reach their furthest points in their quest for world domination. This year also saw the beginning of their end as they were both halted in desperate battles. Taken ten questions on this year that was the turning point of the war

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Date Submitted: February 03, 2018
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World War II  1942

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1. Which two significant British possessions fell early in 1942?
  A.   Malaya and Burma
  B.   Malta and Gibraltar
  C.   Falkland Islands and Ceylon
  D.   Singapore and Hong Kong

2. In 1942 the Chinese were fighting strenuously against the rampaging Japanese Army. The Communists were led by Mao Zedong and the Nationalists by whom?
  A.   Sun Yat Sen
  B.   Chiang Kai-shek
  C.   Chou En-lai
  D.   Ho Chi-Minh

3. German u-boats, in an attempt to starve Britain out of the war, began the Battle of Atlantic by sinking any cargo ship bound for Britain. Approximately how many allied ships in the Atlantic were sunk in 1942?
  A.   300
  B.   900
  C.   1200
  D.   1700

4. Which two land battles of 1942 saw the Japanese army halted for the first time?
  A.   Kokoda and Guadalcanal
  B.   Bataan and Saipan
  C.   Iwo Jima and Okinawa
  D.   New Britain and the Phillipines

5. Why did the fall of Burma to the Japanese result in the deaths of approximately 1.5 million Indian Bengalis?
  A.   Fleeing Burmese brought typhus with them that created a deadly epidemic.
  B.   Burma was a supplier of rice to India.
  C.   These Bengalis were lost in Indian counter-attacks into Burma.
  D.   They were migrant workers, caught and worked to death in Japanese labor camps.

6. What Pacific naval battle of 1942 saw the defeat of the Japanese fleet and its constant retreat?
  A.   Midway
  B.   Coral Sea
  C.   Guam
  D.   Marshall Islands

7. In the first four months of 1942, approximately 620,000 citizens of Leningrad died from what cause?
  A.   starvation
  B.   air raid attacks
  C.   suicide
  D.   NKVD reprisals

8. In August, 1942 the German army attacked what Soviet city but were halted on the city’s outskirts?
  A.   Minsk
  B.   Stalingrad
  C.   Kursk
  D.   Leningrad

9. In November, 1942 the German army suffered its first major defeat in what battle?
  A.   Tripoli
  B.   Tobruk
  C.   Benghazi
  D.   Alamein

10. The final day of 1942 saw British spirits buoyed with victory in what sea battle?
  A.   Mediterranean Sea
  B.   Santa Cruz
  C.   Barents Sea
  D.   Bay of Biscay®   

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