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Trivia Quiz - Rosalynn Carter - A life well lived

Always dignified and elegant, Rosalynn Carter complemented her husband's Presidency in many ways. Test your knowledge of this lady who achieved much.

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Date Submitted: April 19, 2020
Quiz Categories: History, Presidential First Ladies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Rosalynn Carter  A life well lived
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1. Mrs Carter's first name is not Rosalynn. What first name was she given when born in Plains, Georgia on August 18, 1927?
  A.   Eleanor
  B.   Catherine
  C.   Muriel
  D.   Elizabeth

2. What did Rosalynn Carter say she and Jimmy did on their first date?
  A.   were left alone unchaperoned
  B.   kissed
  C.   read passages from the Bible
  D.   discussed politics

3. As First Lady of Georgia, what issue did Rosalynn Carter champion?
  A.   drug awareness
  B.   teenage pregnancies
  C.   mental health
  D.   homelessness

4. With which serial killer was Rosalynn Carter photographed shaking hands?
  A.   Ted Bundy
  B.   Aileen Wuornos
  C.   Jeffrey Dahmer
  D.   John Wayne Gacy

5. Which of the following quotes by US Presidents was made by Jimmy Carter about his wife?
  A.   I call her the boss.
  B.   I am certainly not the Romeo type. I may not say much when I am with you—but all of me loves you all the time.”
  C.   a perfect extension of myself
  D.   I retain an unalterable affection for you, which neither time or distance can change,

6. As her husband's popularity wavered, Rosalynn Carter's status in the eyes of the public did not. With whom was she voted the most admired woman in the world?
  A.   Mother Teresa
  B.   Queen Elizabeth II
  C.   Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  D.   Indira Gandhi

7. What did Rosalynn Carter do that no future First Lady had done?
  A.   publicly contradicted her husband
  B.   made a campaign promise
  C.   began writing a newspaper column
  D.   graduated from college with first class honors

8. Following her husband's departure from politics, the Carters were prominent and active members of which global philanthropic organisation?
  A.   World Health Organization
  B.   Oxfam
  C.   Doctors Without Borders
  D.   Habitat for Humanity

9. In recognition of her outstanding contribution, into which organization was Rosalynn Carter inducted?
  A.   National Women's Hall of Fame
  B.   International Women of Courage
  C.   Women of Influence
  D.   Rotary International Inspirational Women

10. As of April, 2020 which of the following milestones has been achieved by Rosalynn Carter?
  A.   She is the longest lived First Lady.
  B.   She has become a great, great grandmother.
  C.   She is the only First Lady to write an autobiography
  D.   She is the longest married First Lady.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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