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Trivia Quiz - Clarence Thomas - Supreme Court Justice

Clarence Thomas' journey from humble Georgia beginnings to the U.S. Supreme Court epitomizes the American Dream. Test your knowledge of this sometimes controversial man of the court.

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Date Submitted: November 14, 2020
Quiz Categories: History, American History, American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Clarence Thomas  Supreme Court Justice
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1. Born in Pin Point, Georgia in 1948, Clarence Thomas originally trained to be a member of what profession?
  A.   Catholic priesthood
  B.   teaching
  C.   journalism
  D.   plumbing

2. Which person did Clarence Thomas describe as "the greatest person I have ever known"?
  A.   Martin Luther King
  B.   John Lewis
  C.   Ronald Reagan
  D.   his grandfather

3. Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court by which President?
  A.   Ronald Reagan
  B.   George H.W. Bush
  C.   Bill Clinton
  D.   George W. Bush

4. During the Senate confirmation hearings regarding his appointment, Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by which woman?
  A.   Gennifer Flowers
  B.   Paula Coughlin
  C.   Samantha Gailey
  D.   Anita Hill

5. Which of the following is not true of Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court Justice?
  A.   As of 2020, he is the longest serving incumbent of the court.
  B.   He is known for his conservative leaning when it comes to judicial decisions.
  C.   He was the first African American to be appointed to the court.
  D.   He is a strong supporter of the First Amendment.

6. Which of the following best applies to Clarence Thomas and his performance as a Supreme Court Justice?
  A.   He often corrects the grammar of lawyers.
  B.   He rarely asks questions.
  C.   He has a reputation for being persuaded by "common sense" law.
  D.   He will often interrupt petitioners to ask many questions.

7. Which black leader spoke against Clarence Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court stating that Thomas "disrespected the leadership heritage of the NAACP"?
  A.   Jesse Jackson
  B.   Oprah Winfrey
  C.   Al Sharpton
  D.   Rosa Parks

8. For what non-judicial undertaking has Clarence Thomas become well-known?
  A.   climate change activism
  B.   preserving American wilderness
  C.   financially assisting black youths to attend private schools
  D.   establishing refuges for homeless black Americans

9. Which of the following judicial stances is not that of Clarence Thomas?
  A.   anti-abortion
  B.   anti-drug
  C.   anti-affirmative action
  D.   anti-same sex marriage

10. What sporting "first" has Clarence Thomas achieved as a Supreme Court Justice?
  A.   throwing the first pitch on opening day
  B.   parachuting
  C.   rafted the Colorado River
  D.   Grand Marshal of the Daytona 500®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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