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Trivia Quiz - Napoleon Bonaparte: French Military Leader

See what you know about this military genious who had such a huge impact on modern Europe.

Quiz Number: 632
Date Submitted: November 16, 2006
Quiz Categories: French History, History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte French Military Leader

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1. Where was Napoleon born?
  A.   Spain
  B.   France
  C.   A mountain village in Switzerland
  D.   An Island in the Mediterranean

2. When did Napoleon rise to power?
  A.   At the beginning of the French Revolution
  B.   At the end of the French Revolution
  C.   At the fall of the Holy Roman Empire
  D.   At the fall of the Roman Empire

3. Napoleon was known to be:
  A.   Quite short
  B.   Very strong
  C.   Quite tall
  D.   Very slender

4. Napoleon's first major battle was:
  A.   The Battle of Waterloo
  B.   The Battle of the Bulge
  C.   The Seige of Toulon
  D.   The Battle of Epping Forest

5. Napoleon was arrested for treason for being too close an associate of:
  A.   Marie Antoinette
  B.   The King of Spain
  C.   The Pope
  D.   Augustin Robespierre

6. Napoleon came back into favor after he was brought in for military experience and used to successfully:
  A.   Suppress counter revolutionary forces
  B.   Plan an invasion into Spain
  C.   Design a new rifle
  D.   Mediate some border disputes

7. Napoleon's first major military campaign. which saw him return a fairly famous man, was fought in what country?
  A.   Austria
  B.   Germany
  C.   Italy
  D.   Spain

8. Napoleon's first clear ruling title of the country was:
  A.   Minister of the Court
  B.   First Consul
  C.   Director
  D.   First Citizen of the State

9. What island was Napoleon exiled to after Paris was taken in 1814?
  A.   Elba
  B.   Corsica
  C.   Sicily
  D.   Easter

10. What was Napoleon's final battle?
  A.   The Seige of Toulon
  B.   The Whiff of Grapeshot
  C.   The Battle of the Bulge
  D.   The Battle of Waterloo®   

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