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Trivia Quizzes - Tennis

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Andre Agassi: A Tennis GreatTennisAndre K Agassi  dartjock8149.8
2 Arthur Ashe - Tennis LegendTennisArthur Ashe  dartjock11752.1
3 Ivan Lendl, a Tennis IconTennisIvan Lendl  dave14058.4
4 Jimmy Connors: Tennis AceTennisJimmy Connors  dartjock6152.1
5 John McEnroe: Tennis AceTennisJohn McEnroe  dartjock4861.3
6 Martina Navratilova - Queen of TennisTennisMartina Navratilova  dartjock8857
7 Pete Sampras: Tennis AceTennisPete Sampras  dartjock2463.3
8 Rod Laver - Tennis ImmortalSports, Tennis  grant2282752.2
9 Roger Federer - Tennis IconSports, TennisRoger Federer  grant2282456.7
10 Serena Williams - Tennis SuperstarSports, TennisSerena Williams  grant2284347
11 Tennis - US Open Firsts - Men's SinglesTennis  tbrauer113234.5
12 Tracy Austin - Superb Career cut short by InjuriesTennisTracy Austin  dartjock945.6

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