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Trivia Quizzes - Glam Rock

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Angel: Glam Rock BandProgressive Rock, Glam Rock  bill5677.3
3 Queen, The Legendary Rock GroupAlternative Rock, Glam Rock  tazzytina53560.7
4 Paul Stanley: KISS GuitaristSingers, Glam Rock, KISSPaul Stanley  yarstruly59264.3
5 C.C.DeVille - Poison MusicianPoison, Glam RockC.C. DeVille  dartjock21257.5
6 Paul Stanley: More on the KISS Co-FounderSingers, Glam Rock, KISSPaul Stanley  dartjock4769.6
7 Gene Simmons - More on the KISS Co-FounderGlam Rock, KISSGene Simmons  dartjock4270.7
8 Peter Criss: KISS MusicianGlam Rock, KISSPeter Criss  dartjock12474.4
9 Ace Frehley - KISS MusicianGlam Rock, KISSAce Frehley  dartjock15577.6
10 Kiss Basics #1Fantasy Movies, Rock Music, Glam Rock, KISS  dartjock12483.8
11 Kiss Basics #2Glam Rock, KISS  dartjock12866.4
12 Kiss Basics #3Fantasy Movies, Glam Rock, KISS  dartjock6272.4
13 Jani LaneHeavy Metal, Glam RockJani Lane  jetrose814666.5
14 Skid Row: American Heavy Metal BandHeavy Metal, Glam Rock  jetrose819563.6

Grand Averages for these 13 Quizzes     69.6®   

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