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Trivia Quizzes - Professional Wrestling

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars & LegendsProfessional Wrestling  charles4850.2
3 Bret "The Hitman" HartProfessional WrestlingBret Hart  charles5961.7
4 Andre the GiantSports, Professional WrestlingAndre Roussimoff  grant228970
5 John Cena: Jack of all TradesProfessional WrestlingJohn Cena  mashavu6066.3
6 Hollywood Hulk Hogan: The Most Popular Wrestler of All TimeProfessional WrestlingHulk Hogan  dartjock6960
7 The Four Horsemen of Professional WrestlingProfessional Wrestling  dartjock4466.8
8 Bruno Sammartino- Wrestling GiantProfessional WrestlingBruno Sammartino  dartjock3460
9 The Undertaker- WWE's DeadmanProfessional WrestlingMark W Calaway  dartjock12874.5
10 Paul Bearer- Wrestling's Manager of the DarknessProfessional WrestlingPaul Bearer  dartjock3451.2
11 Wrestling NicknamesProfessional Wrestling  dartjock5185.7
12 Randy Orton- Third Generation WrestlerProfessional WrestlingRandy Orton  dartjock968.9
13 Sting the WrestlerProfessional WrestlingSteve Borden ( Sting )  dartjock10758.4
14 Mae Young - Female Wrestling PioneerProfessional WrestlingMae Young  dartjock455
15 Ric Flair: Wrestling Horseman For LifeProfessional WrestlingRic Flair  dartjock3380.9
16 Jesse Ventura- Wrestling PoliticianProfessional WrestlingJesse Ventura  dartjock3565.1
17 Chris Jericho- Wrestling GreatProfessional WrestlingChris Jericho  dartjock2461.3
18 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: WWE SuperstarMovie Stars, Football, Professional WrestlingDwayne D Johnson  dartjock12547
19 Wrestlers in MoviesProfessional Wrestling  dartjock4465.9
20 John Cena: WWE ChampionProfessional WrestlingJohn Cena  dartjock6671.8
21 WWE Wrestling Hall of FameProfessional Wrestling  dartjock4787.9
22 WrestlemaniaTV, Radio & Stage, Sports, American Culture, Professional Wrestling  dartjock5352.6
23 Kurt Angle-Olympic WrestlerProfessional WrestlingKurt Angle  dartjock2639.6
24 Jeff Hardy - Wrestling InnovatorProfessional WrestlingJeff Hardy  dartjock2864.6
25 Edge - Rated R SuperstarProfessional WrestlingAdam Copeland  dartjock3975.6
26 Christian - WWE SuperstarProfessional WrestlingWilliam Reso  dartjock6775.1

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