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Trivia Quizzes - Broadway

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Patrick StewartBroadway, Television StarsPatrick Stewart  bill2157.6
3 Orson Welles: Sophisticated Actor & DirectorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, BroadwayOrson Welles  bill7851
4 Laurence Olivier: Gentleman ActorMovie Stars, BroadwayLaurence Olivier  bill7367
5 Henry Fonda: Enduring ActorMovie Stars, BroadwayHenry Fonda  bill9159.3
6 Jeff Daniels: Versatile ActorMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, BroadwayJeff Daniels  dave5964.1
7 Lauren Bacall: Legendary ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayLauren Bacall  dana12556.6
8 Broadway Musicals: The 1960sBroadway  madman33865.6
9 West Side StoryBroadway, Musical Movies  lmcubs20559.7
10 Wicked: A New MusicalBroadway  lmcubs35780
11 Mickey Rooney - What an Entertainer!Movie Stars, BroadwayMickey Rooney  solitaire21164.9
12 Bye Bye Birdie: Original Broadway CastBroadway  LittleLady9950.4
13 George M. Cohan: Father of American Musical ComedyMusic, BroadwayGeorge M. Cohan  LittleLady11146.6
14 Guys and Dolls: Original Broadway CastBroadway  LittleLady12341.5
15 Jessica Tandy: Award Winning ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayJessica Tandy  0zero07742.7
16 Lee Remick: American Stage, Screen and TV ActressMovie Stars, BroadwayLee Remick  0zero06150.7
17 Patty Duke: Award-Winning Actress of Stage and FilmMovie Stars, BroadwayPatty Duke  0zero010155.5
18 Broadway SongsMusic, Broadway, Fine Arts  grant22822769.6

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