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Trivia Quizzes - House

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 House Characters: Dr. Allison CameronFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie70772.3
2 House Characters: Dr. Eric ForemanFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie44181.8
3 House Characters: Dr. Gregory HouseFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie3,61286.7
4 House Characters: Dr. Gregory House Part 2Fictional Characters, House  nut_meg27875.5
5 House Characters: Dr. Gregory House Part 3Fictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie23846.8
6 House Characters: Dr. James Evan WilsonFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie83180.1
7 House Characters: Dr. Lisa CuddyFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie57174
8 House Characters: Dr. Robert ChaseFictional Characters, House  BubblyJolie60072.3
9 House: Who Dunnit?House  BubblyJolie7343.2
10 Hugh Laurie: British ActorHouseHugh Laurie  BubblyJolie5864.1

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