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Trivia Quizzes - Animals & Animal Study

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Jane Goodall: A Friend to ChimpanzeesAnimals & Animal Study, ScientistsJane Goodall  bill17848.3
3 John James AudubonAnimals & Animal Study, World CultureJohn James Audubon  bill7140.9
4 Science EssentialsAnimals & Animal Study, Scientists, Doctors & Medicine  TheCount34248.7
5 Animals of AustraliaAnimals & Animal Study  lmcubs51779
6 Animal Groups: Which One is Incorrect?Animals & Animal Study  lmcubs12743.2
7 Animal Groups: Which One is Incorrect? Part 2Animals & Animal Study  lmcubs4237.1
8 Tasmanian DevilScience & Nature, Animals & Animal Study  grant2282354.3
9 Feathered FriendsScience & Nature, Animals & Animal Study  grant2289045
10 Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant22818653.2
11 Insects Rule the WorldScience & Nature, Animals & Animal Study  grant22810442.1
12 Lions Through the AgesHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant2283145.2
13 Famous Dogs of History - Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study, Culture  grant22810033.7
14 Animal Young - Parent MatchAnimals & Animal Study  grant22816958.9
15 Animal Collections: What Are They Called?Animals & Animal Study  grant22835853.2
16 Kangaroo FactsAnimals & Animal Study  FRANKL196519854.8
17 State Birds of the USA: Part 2Animals & Animal Study  FRANKL19651952.1
18 State Birds of the USA: Part 3Animals & Animal Study  FRANKL19651363.8
19 State Birds of the USA: Part 4Animals & Animal Study  FRANKL1965730
20 State Birds of the USA: Part 5Animals & Animal Study  FRANKL1965748.6
21 State Birds of the USA: Part 1Animals & Animal Study  FRANKL196518558.6

Grand Averages for these 20 Quizzes     49.5®   

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