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Trivia Quizzes - TV Reality Shows

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Dr. Buckeye Bottoms: Hawaiian VetTV Reality ShowsBartholomew Bottoms  bill6073
3 America UnearthedAmerican History, TV Reality Shows  bill2356.1
4 Pawn Stars: Big Guys, Big DealsTV Reality Shows  bill54776.3
5 Call of the WildmanTV Reality Shows  bill23383.5
6 Billy the Exterminator - Bayou Critter Control!TV Reality Shows  dana80769.6
7 Ice Road Truckers: On Thin Ice!TV Reality Shows  dana18571.7
8 Top Chef: Season Two HighlightsTV Reality Shows, Food & Drink  BubblyJolie4942
9 Trading Spaces PersonalitiesTV Reality Shows  lmcubs3479.4
10 Survivor: The Tribe has SpokenTV Reality Shows  lmcubs6766
11 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #2Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs10572.5
12 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #1Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs15956.9
13 The Bachelor: Seasons 1 - 10TV Reality Shows  lmcubs3361.8
14 Jeff Probst: Survivor Host:TV Reality ShowsJeff Probst  lmcubs10242.3
15 Discovery Channel TV Show HostsTV, Radio & Stage, TV Reality Shows  phonerec3052.3
16 Hardcore PawnTV Reality Shows  phonerec30378.8
17 Indian Larry, Chopper RoyaltyTV Reality Shows  scarlettem3864.7
18 Survivor: Fun FactsTV Reality Shows  darlened23074.8
19 American Idol: Seeking Talent #1TV Reality Shows  tazzytina22681.3
20 Laguna Beach: Seasons 1-3TV Reality Shows  lagunaxgirl5762.6
21 Bob Ross: American Painter and TV HostTV Reality Shows, ArtistsBob Ross  0zero021064
22 Guy Fieri: American RestaurateurTV Reality Shows, Food & DrinkGuy Fieri  Samurai Sam24953.5
23 Steve Irwin - Australian Crocodile HunterTV Reality ShowsSteve Irwin  dartjock11568.4
24 Duck DynastyTV Reality Shows  dartjock1,73987.6
25 Joseph Wapner - The People's JudgeTV Reality Shows, Crime & LawJoseph A Wapner  dartjock2057
26 Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si TV Reality Shows  dartjock33068
27 The Voice Music, TV Reality Shows  AmyR1054

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