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Trivia Quizzes - Crime & Law

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "Lizzie Borden Took An Axe...."Crime & Law, American CultureLizzie Borden  bill89161.8
2 Blackbeard: Notorious 18th Century PirateCrime & LawEdward Teach  Joe_5113350.3
3 Celebrity Gun ViolenceCrime & Law, American Culture  KenKraska5357.4
4 Charles Ponzi- Con ArtistCrime & LawCharles Ponzi  dartjock2759.6
5 Dog: Professional Bounty HunterCrime & LawDuane Chapman  scarlettem20375.5
6 Eliot Ness - Not according to his imageCrime & Law, Organized Crime, War Crime, Depression-Era Gangsters, American CultureEliot Ness  grant2284241
7 FBI's 10 Most Wanted ListCrime & Law  dartjock4231.2
8 G. Gordon Liddy: Watergate LeaderAmerican History, Crime & Law, RadioG. Gordon Liddy  patrickryan2862.5
9 Harry GoldCrime & LawHarry Gold  dave2748.5
10 J. Edgar Hoover - FBI OverlordAmerican History, Crime & Law  grant2285845.9
11 John Walsh: Crime FighterCrime & Law, Television StarsJohn Walsh  dartjock1759.4
12 John Wayne Gacy- Killer ClownCrime & LawJohn Gacy  dartjock9369.7
13 John Wesley Hardin: Frontier Bad GuyCrime & Law, Serial Killers, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws, American Culture  KenKraska14144.3
14 Joseph Wapner - The People's JudgeTV Reality Shows, Crime & LawJoseph A Wapner  dartjock1758.8
15 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg - Executed SpiesAmerican History, Crime & Law  grant2281059
16 Landmark Supreme Court CasesAmerican History, Crime & Law, American Government  Samurai Sam9152.5
17 Leopold and Loeb - Thrill KillersCrime & Law  grant2283463.2
18 Life is Hard in PrisonCrime & Law  KenKraska17142.1
19 Massad F. AyoobCrime & LawMassad F. Ayoob  scarlettem6983.8
20 Nancy Grace: Legal Commentator and TV HostTV, Radio & Stage, Crime & LawNancy Grace  0zero05553.1
21 O.J. SimpsonCrime & Law, FootballO.J. Simpson  BubblyJolie41374.6
22 Police Hundred CodeCrime & Law  FRANKL19652542.8
23 Police Phonetic AlphabetCrime & Law  FRANKL196533384
24 Police Radio "10" CodesCrime & Law  FRANKL196524160.7
25 Randy Weaver: His Life and TrialsCrime & Law, American Culture, American MilitaryRandy Weaver  KenKraska768.6
26 September 11, 2001: A TributeAmerican History, Crime & Law  patrickryan71464.6
27 Some Corrupt Politicians - Redundant?Crime & Law, American Government, American Culture  patrickryan3754.3
28 The Boston StranglerCrime & Law, Serial Killers  grant2284353.5
29 Which Assassin Shot Which US President?American Presidents, Crime & Law, Assassinations  KenKraska10473
30 Wyatt Earp: America's Most Famous LawmanCrime & Law, Old West Lawmen & OutlawsWyatt Earp  dartjock13050.3

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