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Trivia Quizzes - Cheers

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Cheers' BasicsCheers  garrett53776.2
2 Cheers' Character MatchFictional Characters, Cheers  madman74391.7
3 Cheers' Characters: Carla TortelliFictional Characters, Cheers  bill35964.5
4 Cheers' Characters: Cliff ClavinFictional Characters, Cheers  bill17470.5
5 Cheers' Characters: Coach Ernie PantussoFictional Characters, Cheers  bill8869.5
6 Cheers' Characters: Diane ChambersFictional Characters, Cheers  bill15468.6
7 Cheers' Characters: Frasier CraneFictional Characters, Cheers  bill38563.2
8 Cheers' Characters: Lilith SterninFictional Characters, Cheers  bill12873.8
9 Cheers' Characters: Norm PetersonFictional Characters, Cheers  dana16173.5
10 Cheers' Characters: Rebecca HoweFictional Characters, Cheers  bill16658.7
11 Cheers' Characters: Sam MaloneFictional Characters, Cheers  bill27378.2
12 Cheers' Characters: Woody BoydFictional Characters, Cheers  dana15273.2
13 Cheers: Classic SitcomCheers  Samurai Sam23578.1
14 Cheers: Classic Sitcom Part IICheers  Samurai Sam16561.5
15 Kelsey GrammerCheers, Television Stars, FrasierKelsey Grammer  bill7861.2

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