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Trivia Quizzes - Progressive Rock

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Jethro Tull: Premier Progressive Rock BandProgressive Rock  bill9586.2
3 The Alan Parsons ProjectProgressive Rock, Rock Music  bill7676.8
4 Primus: American Rock BandProgressive Rock, Alternative Rock  bill4080.3
5 Porcupine TreeProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock  bill13377.5
6 Glass Hammer: Emerging Progressive Rock LeadersProgressive Rock  bill3185.2
7 Angel: Glam Rock BandProgressive Rock, Glam Rock  bill5677.3
8 Emerson, Lake and PalmerProgressive Rock  bill13187.2
9 Camel: Progressive Rock BandProgressive Rock  bill11955.4
10 King Crimson: The 60s, 70s and 80sProgressive Rock  bill19472.1
11 Genesis: The First DecadePop Music, Progressive Rock  catherine63968.3
12 Led Zeppelin: The Later Years (1975-1980)Progressive Rock  bill17371.3
13 Pink Floyd Lyric MatchProgressive Rock  dave40172.2
14 Marillion: British Progressive Rock BandProgressive Rock  GhostWorks22873.1
15 Rock Bands and the Songs They Didn't RecordProgressive Rock  yarstruly15669.9
16 Match the Proggressive Rocker with the BandProgressive Rock  yarstruly15865.9
17 Jon Anderson: Yes Co-FounderProgressive Rock, Yes, SingersJon Anderson  yarstruly18371.1
18 Chris Squire: Bassist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesChris Squire  yarstruly35488.5
19 Frank Zappa: American Musican and ComposerProgressive Rock, Singers, Alternative RockFrank Zappa  scarlettem29369.4
20 Rick Wakeman: Legendary Keyboard PlayerProgressive RockRick Wakeman  bill16965.6
21 Steve Howe: Guitarist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesSteve Howe  yarstruly22662.3
22 Alan White: Drummer ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, YesAlan White  yarstruly12075.3
23 Tony Kaye: Master KeyboardistProgressive Rock, YesTony Kaye  yarstruly6669.2
24 Trevor Rabin: Musician, Vocalist and SongwriterProgressive Rock, YesTrevor Rabin  yarstruly8376.1
25 Patrick Moraz: Keyboardist ExtraordinaireProgressive Rock, Yes, Rock MusicPatrick Moraz  yarstruly6874.1

Grand Averages for these 24 Quizzes     73.8®   

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