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Trivia Quizzes - Space Exploration

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Alan Shepard, Jr - American Astronaut and Naval AviatorAmerican History, Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Alan B Shepard Jr. patrickryan8849.2
2 Apollo 11: Mission to the MoonSpace Exploration  bill39762.9
3 Astronauts: Folks in SpaceSpace Exploration  patrickryan5550
4 Deke SlaytonSpace Exploration, American MilitaryDeke Slayton  patrickryan2460.4
5 Gordon Cooper: American Astronaut Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Gordon Cooper  patrickryan2659.2
6 Gus Grissom: American AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryVirgil Grissom  patrickryan6063.2
7 John Glenn - Astronaut and AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!John H Glenn  patrickryan15047.3
8 John Glenn: American Astronaut & PoliticianSpace Exploration, American MilitaryJohn H Glenn  dave16948.4
9 Moon Walkers and Those That Circled the MoonHistory, Space Exploration  patrickryan3463.5
10 Neil Armstrong: Astronaut and Naval AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Neil A Armstrong  patrickryan33247.5
11 Neil deGrasse Tyson - Astrophysicist ExtraordinaireScience & Nature, Space Exploration, Scientists  grant2283443.5
12 Sally Ride - First American woman in spaceAmerican History, Space ExplorationSally Ride  grant22824759.6
13 Scott Carpenter: US AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Scott Carpenter  patrickryan1162.7
14 Space Race Inventions Now Used EverywhereSpace Exploration  grant2281100
15 Space Shuttle Challenger DisasterAmerican History, Space Exploration  bill14056.6
16 Space Shuttle Columbia DisasterAmerican History, Space Exploration  bill3552
17 The Moon - Our only natural satelliteScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant2281446.4
18 The Planet JupiterScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant228757.1
19 The Planet MarsScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant2281256.7
20 The Planet MercuryScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant228656.7
21 The Planet SaturnScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant228475
22 The Planet VenusScience & Nature, Space Exploration  grant2281751.8
23 The Planets of our Solar SystemScience & Nature, Space Exploration  dartjock6957.1
24 Wally Schirra: American AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryWally Schirra  patrickryan3346.1
25 Yuri Gagarin - First Person in SpaceSpace Exploration, Russian HistoryYuri Gagarin  grant2287153.2

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