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Trivia Quizzes - Ancient History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 CleopatraAncient HistoryCleopatra VII Philopator  bill29048.6
3 Alexander the GreatAncient History  bill28757.6
4 Genghis KhanAncient HistoryGenghis Khan  dave15056.9
5 Augustus Caesar History, Ancient HistoryAugustus Caesar  grant22811771.3
6 Hypatia of AlexandriaHistory, Ancient History  grant228651.7
7 Marcus Aurelius - Stoic EmperorHistory, Ancient History  grant2284258.8
8 Claudius - Emperor of RomeHistory, Ancient History  grant2282270.5
9 Prehistoric PeopleHistory, Ancient History  grant2287247.9
10 Boudicca - Warrior QueenAncient History  grant22812860.5
11 Attila the HunAncient History  grant22839462.8
12 Nero - He Fiddled while Rome BurnedAncient HistoryNero Germanicus  grant2288962.2
13 Caligula - Debauched and DementedAncient HistoryGaius Germanicus  grant2284761.1
14 Hannibal - Sworn Enemy of RomeAncient History  grant2284055.8
15 Mark Antony - Tragic Roman leaderHistory, Ancient History  grant228270
16 Genghis Khan - Mongol WarriorAncient HistoryGenghis Khan  grant22853945.5
17 Julius Caesar - Roman Superstar!Ancient HistoryJulius Caesar  grant22813349.5
18 Cincinnatus - Model Citizen-ServantAncient HistoryLucius Quinctius Cincinnatus  grant2289348.7
19 Roman Emperors: Senator LevelAncient History  Cousin Jeff3951.5
20 Roman Emperors: Patrician LevelAncient History  Cousin Jeff3749.5
21 Roman Emperors: Citizen LevelAncient History  Cousin Jeff22853
22 Archimedes of SyracuseAncient History, ScientistsArchimedes  patrickryan10562.7
23 Alexander the GreatHistory, Ancient History Alexander the Great  torchwood19774558.7

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